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    WTS Bitmain Antminer D3 15GH for sale

    Hey guys, I ordered 23 units from bitmain today. And would like to sell 8 units. Price: 2 Bitcoin Include: APW PSU, shipping cost Pre-paid 1 bitcoin first. Once the miner arrive, I will send you an image as evidence. Anyone interested, please message me via Telegram @kenOrgami
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    Innosilicon A5 DashMaster 30.2G 750W

    If the Antminer suprise you, please wait the next monster. Pre-order begin at August.
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    Bitmain announced Antminer D3 15GH for DASH

    No one talk about it? The first batch already sold out.
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    WTS Selling Baikal A900

    I will ship them out from Hong Kong.
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    WTS Selling Baikal A900

    I also have the following x11 miners to sell. 1. Baikal 150MH Mini x 2 (USD$300) 2. Baikal 300MH Cube x 2 (USD$650) 3. PinIdea DR3 x 3 (USD$1500) 4. Baikal Giant A900 x 10 (USD$2250) All are healthy and running in my farm.
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    WTS Selling Baikal A900

    I would like to sell my 10pcs of A900. Anyone interested could contact me for further discussion. Updated with my farm Giant A900 image.