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  1. ewok

    CATV | State of Dash 2019 - Ryan Taylor Interview

    Great interview. Its always good hearing Ryans methodical approach.
  2. ewok

    Travelbybit Dash integration

    Saw a demo of theirs a few months ago which used Dash, worked great and spread on the transaction was tight. This would be great if it had full integration for solutions in Australia. Im in for small crowdfund.
  3. ewok

    Pre-Proposal: DASH TEXT - SMS Wallets for Everyone (Exclusively for Dash) - FIRST STAGE VENEZUELA

    This seems a very cost effective proposal with a big upside. If this assists in usage and penetration of new markets you have my votes. A big bonus is this being adapted to other countries.
  4. ewok

    What's Going on at Dash - April 2018

    Cheers for the updates.
  5. ewok

    Good Attorneys at Law Escrow Service

    Another Escrow option is great for the ecosystem. There possible needs to be an agreed method of where the Dash goes if a project cant, wont or doesnt hit their escrow milestones. It would be great to see this as a service.
  6. ewok

    Pre-Proposal: Two Conferences In Tunisia

    Great work on your first two conferences. I think your proposal has a lot of upside and I would support it. I think as JZA mentioned breaking it down into a multi month proposal allows you to further build your reputation and de risk from a MN perspective. t
  7. ewok

    Dash Jobs for Venezuela

    Seeing the growth of Dash in Venezuela through conferences and @Dashmaximalist getfreedash, gave me the thought that another piece of adoption is creating jobs that are denominated in Dash. I had a report done on office costs and general monthly wages of various skilled jobs which can be...
  8. ewok

    The situation in Japan

    I think this is a good issue to get on the front foot with especially providing education to the regulator- (I operate under a similar licensed regime in another jurisdiction). Education is the key here. The key to dialogue is finding a law firm who has a strong relationship to the FSA-...
  9. ewok

    How to onboard 300,000 new users in one geographic location

    @DavidHay Thanks for this proposal as I believe Dash can help change lives for the better. 1- With regard to the budget size how do you envisage the payment split up from the treasury- i.e 700 dash per month for 6 months. 2- So the project would continue to run and sign up people until the...
  10. ewok

    Dash Now Live on ACX Exchange in Australia

    https://acx.io/markets/dashbtc I think ACX white label hence the functionality of Dash being added will hopefully flow onto any others. Go Dash
  11. ewok

    Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

    Venezuela is shaping up as a hot spot for Dash. Easy yes in continuing the support here. have you reached out to @Dashmaximalist with regards to cross promotion?
  12. ewok

    [Pre-Proposal] - To seed Dash love through what people actually love

    Building Dash as the underlying token of a Fantasy cricket league would be more attractive venture.
  13. ewok

    Dash is going viral in venezuela -crossed 100,000+ signups, need your Support ,Urgent

    I like that Hockey stick graph. Looking forward to seeing some further stats and the extrapolations that can be made.
  14. ewok

    Dash is going viral in venezuela -crossed 100,000+ signups, need your Support ,Urgent

    Just sent you some dash as I would love to see the cost of acquisition and to see if you could seed the micro climate in Venezuela. Seeding funds into Venezuela on a micro level like this may have a lot of upside- low cost aquisition funds sent there are effectively locked in the local...
  15. ewok

    Dash Docu Series - KuvaCash

    This is a great proposal to show what dash is doing. Im sure this would be a huge eye opener to the mainstream and timing for marketing could be attractive. Yes Votes here
  16. ewok

    Pre-Proposal: DASH Help - Venezuela (Customer Support Center)

    Lets keep the expansion going here. Dash in Venezuela is a much needed solution for people. Yes votes from me. Look forward to seeing it posted for funding.
  17. ewok

    (Pre) DASH is the first cryptocurrency to land into Portuguese instore payments (500 locations)

    Hi @Miguel Quintas Thanks for your proposal, integrations are great for dash. Have you had a chat with @dmitriybtc who has been integrating with POS terminals and is currently expanding his scope? I would be interested if you guys have any synergies or if @dmitriybtc has any time or cost...
  18. ewok

    3days Accra Blockchain Conference organised by Accra Tech

    Incoming also. Looking forward to hearing how it goes, Go Dash
  19. ewok

    Pre-Proposal: (Update) Dash Tour In Indonesia And Real Dash School

    To clarify my thought is you could clone the series (8 vids I think) with an Indonesian person you could expand your asking budget. This then serves as a huge local resource.
  20. ewok

    Pre-Proposal: (Update) Dash Tour In Indonesia And Real Dash School

    Hi Lee, educating and reaching people in Indonesia is great with many people who can benefit from Dash. If you were wanting to build a bigger proposal, could you include to redo @amanda_b_johnson Dash School series in Indonesian? would make a great resource that you could point people towards.