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  1. fernando

    Details on the Election for Dash Investment Foundation Supervisors

    There is not much more about the role. Cayman Island foundations are a new legal figure and there is not much written about them. The role will be defined mostly by the elected supervisors and their willingness to get involved. As you hint, this position is like a board, definitely not a job...
  2. fernando

    New dash.org site is live

    Good point, thanks. In fact, we are considering splitting Mobile into Android and iOS because the second tab there is not very obvious to see and some people may miss it.
  3. fernando

    New dash.org site is live

    @Antti Kaikkonen @GrandMasterDash Re Google Analytics We have discussed this in the past because we too would prefer to reduce reliance on Google. In fact, for the old site, we originally used Piwik (now Matomo). It is an awesome tool and I really love it, but it was a PITA to keep updated. We...
  4. fernando

    New dash.org site is live

    We just pushed a new build. Russian translation added and a few small fixes to things people were reporting. @DerrickJ Anypay's changes are live now.
  5. fernando

    New dash.org site is live

    ATM page working already :)
  6. fernando

    New dash.org site is live

    Thanks on behalf of everyone! there are still many things to repair/improve, but we thought that at this point it was much better than what we had and it was better to release once and for all!
  7. fernando

    New dash.org site is live

    Another issue. The find-an-atm page should show a map with atms. Coin ATM Radar had enabled that to be seen for all subdomains in dash.org, but it looks like there is a problem and it reverts to a link. They have already been notified.
  8. fernando

    New dash.org site is live

    I’m happy to announce that the new dash.org is live!! We hope everyone can enjoy the new site. The main things we aim to achieve with this update are: 1- Define a new information structure that is consistent with what we know of our audience already. On the old site, everything was mixed and...
  9. fernando

    PR firm selection tender in April

    In the last budget cycle, the network approved our the proposal to renew our contract with Wachsman PR for three more months. However, there was an intense discussion around it, and we acknowledge that we can improve the process around PR firm selection. To do that, we are going to start a firm...
  10. fernando

    Proposal Owner Advisory About the Update to v0.13.0

    As part of the process to update to v0.13.0, there is a final manual spork activation that will reset the votes in the governance system (spork 15, activation of deterministic masternode lists). This means that all proposals that are live at that time will see their votes go to zero (yes, no and...
  11. fernando

    New dash.org website

    Status The design work was completed long ago and we are pleased with the results, but we have had problems with the development of the site. Both parts were being done by two parts of the same agency. We expected to receive the website from them in December and perform the migration process...
  12. fernando

    The Dash Foundation needs attention

    You are correct. We'll do an announcement about what to do with the foundation in the next few days.
  13. fernando

    Advertising proposals

    Sure, let's organize a meeting over PM.
  14. fernando

    Core Team Proposals (Funding October 1st)

    I've tried to find the first post about it, but I wasn't able and I don't think it makes sense to put a lot of time in forum archaeology. If my memory serves me well, the 80% came from Evan in the very early days of the treasury. The limits have been developed more as the system has evolved...
  15. fernando

    Pre-poposal: DASH REMITTANCES - Increasing the supply of Dash in Venezuela

    I can confirm that about Bitnovo too. I worked on bringing them to Dash and have tested all their products. Re #2, they have two different options: vouchers that you can buy at 15k locations and are printed on the spot, and gift cards in some top retailers (usually next to Amazon, Netflix...
  16. fernando

    Dash Core PR Status Report

    That is an important topic, thank you for bringing it up. What we do with Wachsman is earned media. This means we don’t pay for that coverage and we don’t have editorial control. We work so others write about us. To achieve that, Wachsman communicates with journalists and educates them. They...
  17. fernando

    Dash Core Group Q2 2018 Summary Call - 10 August 2018

    We would love to get some design feedback along the way, but sharing the Invision links openly would probably be too chaotic. I have already discussed this with a few MNOs and I don't see an efficient way to do it. Ideas welcomed! Also, it is not that Kisslabs (I would also be concerned!). The...
  18. fernando

    Advertising proposals

    2. What about the bans? A few days before the campaign went live, Facebook issued a blanket ban on crypto ads. We were told by our Facebook sales representative that we could try to run a portion of the ads since parts of it were already approved and loaded into the system, but we decided...
  19. fernando

    Advertising proposals

    The purpose of this (very long) post is to update the community on the two proposals done earlier this year to start advertising Dash and the plans for the unused budget. I’ll expand on the execution of the first campaign in the future with more data, but I wanted to publish about the results...
  20. fernando

    Survey: Implementation of tracking and analytical tools to Dash apps and websites (yes or no)

    Pretty soon we'll start to increase our work with the community on the dash website analytics so everyone can understand how their actions are performing on a deeper level. Some people, including @MaxPopov, have requested data in the past. Some we could provide and some not. Our analytics...