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  1. HeyMichael

    Dash Economics Discussion Series

    Join Dash Core Group’s Ryan Taylor from 6/10-6/15 as he hosts daily discussions with the community on the proposed changes to Dash economics. The discussion will provide community members with the opportunity to share feedback and ideas surrounding Dash economics with Ryan and Dash Core Group...
  2. HeyMichael

    Dash Core v0.15 is live!

    Dash Core v0.15 is live! ✅ Dash Core Desktop Wallet UI Improvements (+ Dark Mode!) ✅ Mempool Syncing Improvements ✅ PrivateSend Improvements and more! Dash Users can download the latest version here: https://www.dash.org/downloads/ More info...
  3. HeyMichael

    MyDashWallet.org Compromised

    Mydashwallet.org is an online wallet developed and maintained by DeltaEngine, an independent developer. It has no relation with the official wallets maintained by the Dash Core Group development team, which are unaffected by the compromise described below. Today it was discovered that...
  4. HeyMichael

    PR Selection Proposal

    An update to this process that came in this morning, one of the two new agencies selected has at the last minute made the decision not to participate in the process. This is unfortunate given the amount of time all participating teams were given to clarify concerns around the process. Their...
  5. HeyMichael

    PR Selection Proposal

    Public relations is one of the key parts of the marketing function within Dash Core Group (“DCG”). The purpose of this activity is to gain media attention for Dash, help shape the messaging around Dash, and enhance the public perception of the project. This post will help explain the background...
  6. HeyMichael

    New dash.org site is live

    Awesome Derrickj! I'll get these sorted out asap. Your new logo looks great btw!
  7. HeyMichael

    This week at Dash Core Group:

    Core v0.13 DIP3 locked in; BLS in DAPI; DPP prep for opensource; Auto InstantSend in iOS coded; Android connected to DAPI Dash Core v0.13 DIP3 (Deterministic Masternode List) locked in; will activate in ~1 week Compiled BLS library to allow for signing using BLS in DAPI Cleaning up Dash...
  8. HeyMichael

    Dash Core PR Status Report Q4 2018

    The purpose of this update and report is to share with the Dash community the progress Dash Core Group has achieved from PR efforts for Q4 of 2018, specifically our efforts involving Wachsman. The metrics in the document below outline all of the publications that wrote about Dash along with...
  9. HeyMichael

    Dash Core PR Status Report

    This update’s purpose is to share with the community the progress of our PR efforts for 2018 with Wachsman. Below you will find a report that shares the general performance of Wachsman and DCG’s PR efforts. We are sharing the metric based success we have achieved in 2018 along with the links to...