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  1. wmr1988

    Win 8.1. 50%+ CPU usage. Freezing while updating AND AFTER UPDATE

    Wait. Something is wrong. Even after the wallet is fully synced. It's still running at 50% cpu usage and almost unusable because it freezes the entire PC every now and then. Any ideas? Update: this only happens with my OLD wallet. CPU usage when running the dummy wallet is 3%. What should I...
  2. wmr1988

    Official-looking email scam, beware

    Wuh wats a word list. Anyway its not a really convincing scam, the dropbox thing kinda gave it away. I do wonder though if its a program that can gain access to your wallet or something. Should it be reported gor a trojan?
  3. wmr1988

    Official-looking email scam, beware

    I got the same email. Though the funny thing is this phishing email is what made me aware of the rc4 release as i clicked the darkcoin link at the corner.
  4. wmr1988

    Development Updates - July 7th

    Good work. I look forward to end of July.
  5. wmr1988

    Please Update Your Darkcoin Clients!!!

    Got it. Strange this new client ver. was not publicized that much though.
  6. wmr1988

    Please Update Your Darkcoin Clients!!!

    DRKlord I read somewhere that says the latest version is 10.11.5. Is that true?
  7. wmr1988

    RC3 Soft Fork

    When would we start seeing maternode payee on the page? OR do we still need more votes? And anyone good with math, can calculate the ROI on a MN now?
  8. wmr1988

    RC3 Relaunch Strategy and Testing

    Always encouraging to see such a resourceful developer behind your coin. DRK is going to places. Can't wait.
  9. wmr1988

    6/20 RC3 Post-mortem

    While this has been yet another disappointment, it is always good to know the there's light at the end of the tunnel. I just wish that we get there sooner than later.
  10. wmr1988

    Masternode Payments and Beyond

    Thank you Evan. The market has stabilized from that freefall like a minute after your post >.> Quick! someone repost this everywhere, my DRK is still somehow locked during transfer between the exchanges...