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  1. Rodrigo Fernandez

    Unable to configure masternode with Dash masternode tool

    I've been following instructions on https://github.com/Bertrand256/dash-masternode-tool/blob/master/doc/config-masternodes-b.md to start my masternode, but everytime I update my actual masternode dash.conf file the masternode stops running. I have done this several times and it always does the...
  2. Rodrigo Fernandez

    daemon RPC connection

    I have configure a masternode and all seems to be ok in Dash Central, except that it shows: "Your daemon RPC connection: error" How can I solve this issue? Thanks, Rodrigo
  3. Rodrigo Fernandez

    POSE_BANNED: 100%

    Thanks for your extensive answer. I will follow as instructed Regards Rodrigo
  4. Rodrigo Fernandez

    POSE_BANNED: 100%

    I have set up a dash masternode with a hardware wallet, and it started working fine for a few days. Then I started getting this message from DashCentral monitoring and the masternode stopped working: Error: There is a problem with the status of your masternode on the masternode list: ENABLED...
  5. Rodrigo Fernandez

    Pre-Proposal: DASH U.S. Tax Guide for Masternodes, Miners and Investors

    I just voted yes. We need to be ahead in this field. If the regulators don't know what they are doing, the better, we will have a stronger influence when the time comes. Hope your proposal passes. Regards,
  6. Rodrigo Fernandez

    Dash hot wallet and General Bytes ATM

    Yes! did the trick. The secret is to use the address alias instead of address itself. Thanks Miner237 for all your help!
  7. Rodrigo Fernandez

    Dash hot wallet and General Bytes ATM

    No go :( With wallet unlock and not encrypted, I still get : This is the string I'm feeding the GB system (with obfuscated user and pass): Any ideas what is happening? Thanks,
  8. Rodrigo Fernandez

    Dash hot wallet and General Bytes ATM

    Hello Miner237, I will try with wallet unlocked Thanks
  9. Rodrigo Fernandez

    Dash hot wallet and General Bytes ATM

    No luck :( I tried the above string with our own parameters and it keeps on returning: Is there anything else that needs to be done? Dash wallet is running on server just fine Thanks and regards,
  10. Rodrigo Fernandez

    Dash hot wallet and General Bytes ATM

    thesavoyard & generalbytes, Thanks for your answers. I will take a look at the videos mentioned. I have been told by General Bytes support staff that I need to configure the parameters in this manner: protocol:user:password:host:port:accountname But I'm clueless on what the correct values...
  11. Rodrigo Fernandez

    GENERAL BYTES Bitcoin ATM models have been upgraded to support Dash

    We want to sell DASH with our General Bytes BATM2. We already installed dashd on our GB server host Can you point us to some documentation as how to configure the DASH parameters on the GB server interface? Thanks
  12. Rodrigo Fernandez

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hi to all! I'm from Costa Rica. We run DASH masternodes from here and now we are installing a General Bytes BATM that will sell DASH. Regards,
  13. Rodrigo Fernandez

    Dash hot wallet and General Bytes ATM

    We just purchased a General Bytes BATM2 and would like to configure the dashd wallet to sell DASH from it. The problem we have now is that there are no instructions on how to go about configuring the General Bytes server program to sell DASH. Has anybody in this forum have any experience in...