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  1. InternetApe

    Chinese translation of the whitepaper

    Updated the whitepaper links.
  2. InternetApe

    Chinese translation of the whitepaper

    I put some it it in google translate and it translates a little TOO good. Its usually a little off because of how the languages are different in sentence building. Would REALLY like to have a native speaker look it over.
  3. InternetApe

    RC2 Hard Fork on May 14th!

    We have updated the RC2 wallet so everyone please upgrade. And this is what I had to do to get another person working: 1) Windows: from console: getaccountaddres 0 Linux: ./darkcoind getaccountaddress 0 This will give you the main address for the wallet 2) Windows: from console...
  4. InternetApe

    Developement work for p2pool and NOMP Stratum patch

    In support of the Darkcoin community we're going to add 2 bounties to the list: 250DRK - A patch for NOMP 250DRK - A patch for P2Pool To test your environment on testnet, please refer to this post: https://darkcointalk.org/threads/rc2-testing-with-pool-support.353/ Source code can be found...
  5. InternetApe

    RC2 Hard Fork on May 14th!

    I have updated the links, they were NOT pointed to the RC2 executables.
  6. InternetApe

    v0.10.6.x RC2 Testing With Pool Support

    http://darkcoin.io/downloads/rc/darkcoin-qt take off the 2 from RC2
  7. InternetApe

    v0.10.6.x RC2 Testing With Pool Support

    If anyone is having problems getting masternode to start, you MUST send the 1000DRK to address 0 Do this to get the address: ./darkcoind getaccountaddress 0 or in the console on windows "getaccountaddress 0" and send to that address.
  8. InternetApe

    Logo discussion

    I like the look of this shield, But its too bright. Can you try the colors that are in the coin and use the D thats on the existing coin to see what it look like?
  9. InternetApe

    Darkcoin Official Whitepapers/Documents

    Official Whitepaper: http://www.darkcoin.io/downloads/DarkcoinWhitepaper.pdf PR Statement: http://www.darkcoin.io/downloads/DarkcoinPRStatement.pdf Documentation: http://www.darkcoin.io/downloads/DarkSendDocumentation.pdf DarkSend v3: http://www.darkcoin.io/downloads/DarkSendv3.pdf
  10. InternetApe

    Need Logo for DarkSend and DarkGravityWave

    The logo doesn't need to look like a coin at all. DarkSend is the Beta anon part of the wallet. DarkGravityWave is the replacement for KGW to adjust the Diff based on Network has rate.
  11. InternetApe

    How to make a Darkcoin Paper Wallet

    Paper wallet: http://paper.darkcoin.io
  12. InternetApe

    Official Coin/Logos

    For now these are the Official Logo. 3D Coin: http://darkcoin.io/img/darkcoin1.png Flat Coin: http://darkcoin.io/img/DarkCoin Logo.png Flat EPS Coin: http://darkcoin.io/img/DarkCoin Logo.eps We need a logo for DarkSend and for DarkGravityWave There are threads in the General area to post your...
  13. InternetApe

    Darkcoin/DarkSend Beta

    Check here for the latest Beta updates for Darkcoin Wallet and DarkSend. DarkSend Progress Reports: Feb 20th #6: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=421615.msg5259501#msg5259501 Feb 26th: Press Release: http://www.darkcoin.io/downloads/DarkcoinPRStatement.pdf March 3rd, DarkSend Public Beta...