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  1. oaxaca

    Dash Enables AML/KYC Compliance Without Sacrificing Core Values to Increase Adoption

  2. oaxaca

    Pre-Proposal: Dash Storefront in Miami and LA

    These 2 stores (and the naming rights such as they are) are probably available for cheap. "The Kardashians are closing up shop. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian have decided to shut down their two remaining DASH fashion boutiques in Miami Beach and Los Angeles nearly 12 years after the...
  3. oaxaca

    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    First mover advantage, so what? Challenger brand? The O&M design does not scream out blockchain at all, it screams WTF! Leading questions lead to pre-selected answers. Overall I hate the O&M design from start to finish.
  4. oaxaca

    Proposal: DASH SXSW Music Festival

    feedbands Just sell this hat for $20, and as a free gift you get $20 worth of Dash. No money transmitter license required.
  5. oaxaca

    Century of the Common Man: Decentralized

    Holy shit! Is that guy on the far right Michael Terpin?
  6. oaxaca

    Century of the Common Man: Decentralized

    That's got to be the smallest crowd of Andreas's career. Are you kidding me?
  7. oaxaca

    Masternode Operators: Sentinel Hotfix (Action Required)

    Here is an answer: Can you folks share any other tidbits about 12.2?
  8. oaxaca

    (New Proposal to be submitted) - Merchant Digital Growth Platform for Evolution - (Submitted)

    Did these 19M consumers agree to have their data shared in this way? Is there a Faustian bargain for future subscribers to sell their data for offers of offers? There is a small voice on my shoulder whispering the following words:
  9. oaxaca

    PRE Proposal: 36 + Dash ATM

    My assumption was that the original alt36 proposal was to enable Dash in dispensaries (among other vertically placed businesses). One of the problems to be solved was the cash problem at the dispensary. Consumers are at risk when transporting cash, dispensaries can't handle the cash-handling...
  10. oaxaca

    Proposal: Alt36 + Dash Payment Platform [15 Updates Included]

    @ThirtySix http://www.bigislandvideonews.com/2017/09/12/hawaii-medical-marijuana-system-goes-cashless/
  11. oaxaca

    Karma - Charity Fund Sponsored by Dash Treasury

    A thousand USD is a lot to ask for a "charity". Maybe setup a testnet or parallel version to allow masternodes to vote on proposals without them incurring an out of pocket fee.
  12. oaxaca

    WTS Antminer D3, 15Gh/s... first order.

    Hashrate already at 15 Th/s. Anybody know how many Antminer D3s are going to be produced?
  13. oaxaca

    Dash Core Team Q2 2017 Summary Call

    Anybody want to take a stab at this?
  14. oaxaca

    Dash Core Team Q2 2017 Summary Call

    Question: Can somebody on the call explain the new, upcoming PrivateSend methodology?
  15. oaxaca

    Lowering masternode collateral to 100 pre proposal

    The only reason to reduce masternode collateral requirements is when it is decided that we need more masternodes to support the network. Period.
  16. oaxaca

    [prepoposal] Dash Debit Card ready by Mid-April

    I was willing to let this go as your explanation about generating interest in your token sale made sense, but what do you mean "not us"? Clearly paul.tenx is "us" isn't he? He did not mention anything about a token sale, he specifically mentions "card" twice.
  17. oaxaca

    [prepoposal] Dash Debit Card ready by Mid-April

    It's one thing to be interested in adding every crypto under the sun to your platform. It's quite another to visit another project's slack and attempt to generate interest. Would you agree that there is a potential perception problem here?
  18. oaxaca

    [prepoposal] Dash Debit Card ready by Mid-April

    OK, Paul wrote yesterday that he would like to have PIVX on board. It would seem to be at odds with your statement above.