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  1. Nuancer

    Ledger Live Should Support Multisig Dash

    Does anybody know who is responsible for updating the Dash functionality within Ledger Live? It still can't send to multi signature Dash addresses beginning with 7....
  2. Nuancer

    What's Going on at Dash?

    There is really no excuse for these Dash updates to not be on Medium - this is what many credible projects do as the website looks professional and has quickly become a hub of the broader crypto community. The Dash Medium account can easily be organized into Progress Reports, Developer Updates...
  3. Nuancer

    Dash Core Group Q1 2018 Summary Call - 4 May 2018

    @kot Will you be posting the conference call slides? I saw some good material in there for people who want to quickly catch up with Dash on a quarterly basis.
  4. Nuancer

    Anypay Budget : Politics and Conflict of Interest

    @Argon31 I don't see a need for escrow providers to abstain from voting or supporting a proposal. One of the benefits of being an escrow provider is that you can add legitimacy to proposals you like, by attaching your escrow services to the proposal. And yes, we can still have neutral escrow...
  5. Nuancer

    DashMasternodeTool - development continuation [Pre-Proposal]

    Also, every proposal should be judged on its own merits, not based on the order it was submitted in the cycle. @Bertrand256 's proposal would rank very, very high on merit. For smaller asks such as this one, it is perfectly appropriate to submit the proposal at this stage in the voting cycle...
  6. Nuancer

    DashMasternodeTool - development continuation [Pre-Proposal]

    @Bertrand256 Your proposal was so popular last time that if for some reason you put up your proposal this cycle and it doesn't pass, you can propose it again next month and add and additional 5 Dash to cover the 2nd proposal fee.
  7. Nuancer

    DashMasternodeTool - development continuation [Pre-Proposal]

    That's absurd, saying you have to be a Masternode owner to have a "real stake" in the network. Many people, including myself, are Dash stakeholders with smaller investments that are still significant to us. This includes the majority of the Dash Core Team and Dash Force that are not Masternode...
  8. Nuancer

    DashMasternodeTool - development continuation [Pre-Proposal]

    I agree with @Argon31 , there is room for @Bertrand256 's proposal in this month's cycle. Last time his proposal was one of the most popular proposals ever. It will pass easily and we can't afford to delay progress or add additional uncertainty to key infrastructure projects.
  9. Nuancer

    DashMasternodeTool - development continuation [Pre-Proposal]

    This proposal is a no-brainer. Please add another 10-15% to your proposal budget when you submit - we don't want you worrying about the currency fluctuations. Consider it a raise or a bonus to cover your volunteer work.
  10. Nuancer

    GetFreeDash campaign must be stopped ASAP

    Assuming that @Dashmaximalist can present and implement a plan to detect, prevent, and combat fraudulent accounts, we should continue funding this proposal. It may be the most cost-effective way to on-board new Dash users.
  11. Nuancer

    Pre-proposal: Dash Core Group fiat guarantee losses reimbursement

    I don't think that's quite right - many people would likely vote yes on this proposal solely to replenish the Dash Core marketing budget so that the existing marketing initiatives are not impacted. This is a separate decision from Dash Core being a long-term provider of fiat guarantees. The...
  12. Nuancer

    Refund proposal fee if net votes > X%

    Yes, the Dash Network should reimburse fees for popular-but-not-funded proposals. If a proposal is voted with majority yes votes (net positive >0%) this is an accomplishment and should be rewarded with a reimbursed fee so that the proposal owner is encouraged to improve their proposal and try...
  13. Nuancer

    Pre-proposal: Dash Core Group fiat guarantee losses reimbursement

    Dash Core providing a fiat guarantee is a valuable service for the network and helps ensure that proposal owners can successfully complete their goals. Every proposal that uses Dash Core as escrow and/or for fiat guarantee should clearly state that in their proposal so the masternodes can make...
  14. Nuancer

    What's Going on at Dash?

    This is a fantastic update and I'm encouraged to see Dash Core continuing to improve its communication during the last couple months.
  15. Nuancer

    PRE: Radio+1. Second round funding proposal.

    @Alexey Danilin I know that you are upset that your proposal was defunded at the end and I empathize with your frustration. Please know that there was no conspiracy here, and there is no need to curse out the Masternodes and spam the Dash Core team and Reddit. Masternodes had very difficult...
  16. Nuancer

    FYI MNO's: Blackmailing from Alexey Danilin / Radio+1

    Last month the Dash Treasury had a tight budget and MNOs had difficult decisions to make when prioritizing popular but competing proposals like yours. There was no conspiracy - just the normal decision making process in action. I empathize that your proposal was defunded and encourage you to...
  17. Nuancer

    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    Wow, thanks for bringing up this inconsistency. I have been advocating for lower/adaptive proposal fees for awhile now, having noticed that small but effective proposals are no longer being submitted and are crowded out by the 5 Dash requirement. Seeing that both of the proposals regarding...
  18. Nuancer

    Change Block Reward % from 45/45/10 to 42.5/42.5/15

    The purpose of the 5 Dash proposal fee is to prevent spam and poor-quality proposals. This is easily accomplished by not refunding the 5 Dash for proposals that do not achieve net positive votes. Our current system is more akin to gambling, especially for smaller proposals that may be highly...
  19. Nuancer

    Dash Community Q&A (2-Part Post)

    Great update, glad to see that several of the questions I had have been answered with informative responses. Regarding the Help Desk, has Dash Core considered setting up a Zendesk account? I have seen many other cryptos use that service and it seems very user friendly and helpful.
  20. Nuancer

    Lots of money being spent on “Marketing”, yet I have to search, photoshop and custom make handouts.

    The marketing materials exist but are not easily found. Here you go: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/139722753/Presentations