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  1. healey

    Pre-Proposal: DASH Help - Venezuela (Customer Support Center)

    Q: would be better to have hashtag in spanish? to help increase awareness to spanish speakers
  2. healey

    Pre-proposal: Dash BE (Business Evaluation)

    In 1 line what's the differentiation of Dash Business Evaluation from DashWatch?
  3. healey

    proposal idea for VZ: localbitcoins is heavily outcompeting dash right now so...

    Coindance.com has stats for last week that 1,062 BTC were traded on localbitcoins in Venezuela. Whereas from monitoring dashnearby.com for the last week, it looks that it had zero Dash traded last week in Venezuela
  4. healey

    idea for VZ: security company for dash team members visiting Caracas

    A security/bodyguard company that properly incentivized to keep Dash team members visiting Caracas safe during their whole trip
  5. healey

    Pre Proposal: MN Hosting platform using DASH as base currency

    one-click deployment of different types masternodes--is this where a centralized company is holding the 1000units? (and ie. the client is not holding the private keys)
  6. healey

    What is happening with the Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Venezuela?

    idea: best way is on localbitcoins as of right now and convert 2 dash thru shapeshift or changelly. also cryptoway site is not working now
  7. healey

    Pre Proposal: Dash Network Smart ATMs Powered by Vault Logic

    idea: these 10 atms cud be placed in Caracas?
  8. healey

    Dash Global utility For Dash

    1) @63 dash per month the price of this proposal seems good 2) from briefly looking at it, like the focus of altsavings, ie. savings + purchase power protection vs fiat currency. The exchange link doesn't bring up an exchange--and faq page is blank. This site might be ready in 2019? 3) regarding...
  9. healey


    ^this is an entrepreneurial solution that is needed. For there to be companies that use ip addy detective sleuthing + whatever other techniques to track down criminals who have stolen funds, and capture them in person to retrieve the stolen assets
  10. healey

    Have observed the #1 biggest problem with budget proposals could be

    that a person cannot lower the request amount if they get too many no votes. And the 2nd biggest issue could be that the 5dash fee isn't returnable to the submitter if their proposal doesn't get enough yes votes. a) what about adding a feature where the submitter can lower the request amount...
  11. healey


    fedpyramid: well, 1) that's extremely risky to unlock the wallet and then 2) allow someone to control that pc remotely using Team Viewer
  12. healey

    Pre-Proposal: Free Advertising Products + World Wide Shipping

    dashm: how's the edition for vz looking? "dash dinero digitale--protege tu poder adquisitivo" (or whichever more precise translation is for 'protect your purchasing power') for example
  13. healey

    proposal idea for VZ: localbitcoins is heavily outcompeting dash right now so...

    BTC/VEZ pair is getting way way higher trading volumes than DASH/VEZ 1) localbitcoins appears to be biggest fiat market in VZ due to it being way less centralized than the exchanges (which are getting shutdown often) 2) so...let's brainstorm and hear proposal ideas on how DASH/VEZ can overtake...