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  1. fixed_float

    Instant Dash exchange

    You are right, Lightning Network is a necessary solution for Bitcoin, but so far we have not seen any serious application of this technology for other coins. As far as we know, Dash developers successfully solve problems that arise when using Dash, so we do not see the need to use Lightning...
  2. fixed_float

    Instant Dash exchange

    Hello, Dash community! FixedFloat.com is an instant, fully automatic cryptocurrency exchange with Lightning Network. With us, you can exchange Dash and other cryptocurrencies in a few clicks and make profitable deals with fixed and floating rates, tailored to your needs. No registration. No...
  3. fixed_float

    ALFAtop.me - top-up your mobile phone with DASH or other cryptocurrency

    I think it's worth the trust. Today I will definitely test your service :)
  4. fixed_float

    Indian cryptocurrency forums

    Hi, Indian Cryptocurrency Dash community! I just joined the forum. Could you recommend the most popular and reputable Indian cryptocurrency forums for study?