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  1. coingun

    Dash Core v0.13 on Testnet

    I saw this in a message on discord: USER: I just saw a PS transaction get an IS autolock! Spork 16 is enabled on testnet! So it seems private send transactions will be eligible for upgrade to IS? "SPORK_16_INSTANTSEND_AUTOLOCKS": 0 Might interest you. Wish I had more light to shed just...
  2. coingun

    Announcing my departure from Dash Core Group

    This is great news. Andy from the bottom of my Dash Wallet I thank you for all the hard work you have done for Core. Seeing you be willing to step aside and let things run their course is an extreme vote of confidence as I know how meticulous and careful you have been through the entire...
  3. coingun

    v13.0 Testing

    Do I understand correctly that there will be no support for masternodes using hardware wallets during this upgrade? Meaning everyone who has a masternode running from a hardware wallet will need to switch back to the Dash Core wallet? Is hardware support for masternodes not covered by the Dash...
  4. coingun

    Consensus 2018 - Live from NYC

    Nope we only have a booth no speaking slot this year.
  5. coingun

    Consensus 2018 - Live from NYC

    Come follow along with the Dash team as we enjoy Consensus 2018. Here is a few things to click on: Live Stream: https://www.coindesk.com/events/consensus-2018/live/ Agenda: https://www.coindesk.com/events/consensus-2018/agenda/ Image Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/stii7ix If you are at...
  6. coingun

    Chael Sonnen joining Dash Nation!

    Chael P in da house!!! Welcome to Dash Nation Chael. I have reached out to you via text message ("Hey man. It's Jeff from Dash..."). I wanted to make sure you have a direct line to ask questions and I have also spoken with Jeremy from GreenCandle and they are happy to escrow this deal for the...
  7. coingun

    Form migrated

  8. coingun

    v12.2 Testing

    I believe under wallet preferences on the Display tab you can populate the field "Third party transaction URLs" and if you did something like "http://test.insight.masternode.io:3001/tx/%s" then on the transaction tab when you right click a transaction it will display a clickable link to said...
  9. coingun

    Pre-Proposal Max Keiser Stephen Baldwin Across America Road Tour TV Sponsorship

    DASH-GAP Proposal Update #2 https://greencandle.io/dash-gap/
  10. coingun

    Mystic Dash Challenge + PVC Sponsorship

    YES!!!! EXACTLY THIS!!!! The whole idea behind this proof of concept giveaway was to test the waters in terms of the niche groups of people following these youtube channels. I used Firas and Tristar for this project simply because that was path of least resistance but the truth of the matter is...
  11. coingun

    Green Candle Inc.

    It is with great excitement and anticipation that I am finally able to introduce https://greencandle.io I would love to answer any questions that the community has. So let's chat!
  12. coingun

    Mystic Dash Challenge + PVC Sponsorship

    Sup Dashians! Coingun here hoping to have a few minutes of your time. Hopefully everyone got to enjoy or be a part of the recent #mysticdash challenge that was recently put on. The #mysticdash challenge was the brain child of Firas Zahabi head coach at Tristar Gym. Firas and I got connected a...
  13. coingun

    Bitcoin Miami did someone say debit card?

    Wow! Please tell us more?!?! Instant Remittance in India would be very unique!
  14. coingun

    Bitcoin Miami did someone say debit card?

    Danny, What a pleasure it was to get to meet you in person at BTC Miami. I must say due to my lack of spare time prior to Miami I didn't quite realize just what a massive amount of effort you are putting into helping push the Dash eco system. After spending a few days around you and watching...
  15. coingun

    12.1 Testnet Testing Phase Two Ignition

    If you have a 32 bit system don't forget to s/64/32/ in the script.
  16. coingun

    Pre-Proposal - Dash Governance by Community

    Why not just have an expiry on collecting them? Perhaps a 1 year trial? I can't disagree with a lot of the comments regarding "pork barrel" on the other hand it never hurt's to try nobody said their couldn't be maximum's or something of the sort to keep the value's from getting out of hand.
  17. coingun

    Pre-Proposal - Dash Governance by Community

    Nope I want to see the Dash project live on forever. So our kid's kid's still get to benefit from all the foundation our generation has laid.
  18. coingun

    Pre-Proposal - Dash Governance by Community

    Looks legit to me :) This is a similar concept to what I have been harping about since we first started burning coins. My idea was to collect the coins into masternode's (we have already burned 3 or 4 with coins left behind) and then have those masternode's be owned and controlled by the...
  19. coingun

    Darksend Rebranding Discussion

    Funny I like something simple like Mix and Instant. Did you send your dash mixed? Did you send it instantly? Dash Mix or Dash Instant.