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  1. Carlos Spaggiari

    AgroCognitive powered by DASH digital cash

    May 29 - Project Updates Hello community. We are finishing the business logic layer of AgroCognitive. For those who like databases (I personally don't really like them :eek:). Here's a summarized entity-relationship model of how our database looks right now. Basically, we are saving the...
  2. Carlos Spaggiari

    Dash Adoption in Atlanta

    “Cryptos are like gravity, all it takes is a little push.” One of the major problems with the adoption, is the miss-conception that lives inside people heads. Give a little explanation or example, like gifting 2$, and you'll change their entire point of view.
  3. Carlos Spaggiari

    Follow the money, the big money. What is going to happen in crypto in 2018? I'll show you.

    Thanks for the information Totally agree. Regulations are a stopper to many investors and making it clear will attract them quickly. We can only wait until the end of the year.
  4. Carlos Spaggiari

    AgroCognitive powered by DASH digital cash

    May-23-2018 Project Updates Hello Dash Community, This week our team went to SOCARAGUA in Aragua State. There, different members from farmer sector, like "Centralización de Hacienda" and "Agrícola Santa Teresa", and PMC Group from the agroindustry sector, had the opportunity to learn more about...
  5. Carlos Spaggiari

    Pre-Budget Proposal: The Liberate Your Mind 56 City U.S. Tour

    You seem pretty confident on what you're doing and I love those names. The “Liberate Your Mind” Tour. Actually, two weeks is a reasonable time for a pre-proposal. Nevertheless, If you decide to put your proposal on this cycle, I'd recommend you to do it asap, since the budget for May is...
  6. Carlos Spaggiari


    Hi everyone. I'm so exited to see what you're going to achieve on the coming Dash Maracay. I'll be attending the conference too. See you there. Good job :cool:
  7. Carlos Spaggiari

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hello People from Dash Nation. My name is Carlos Spaggiari, I'm a Computer Engineer and I've been working full time with blockchain technologies like Ethereum and Stellar for the last 5 months. Now I'm doing my best to make Dash the best cryptocurrency. I'm so excited to join the community. :D
  8. Carlos Spaggiari

    Webpage Stats - Feb 2018 - good info for MNO's

    Thanks for all the information @tungfa. Very illustrative. It's interesting to see those number from Africa. They look very promising. The best of luck to you. I'd like to see more successful proposals for African countries. It left no doubts that Venezuela will become the first DASH Nation :D.
  9. Carlos Spaggiari

    Is getfreedash SCAM?

    People should stop complaining about not getting FREE money.
  10. Carlos Spaggiari

    PREPROPOSAL 100 DASH branded ATMs

    Very attractive proposal. I've always been a supporter of crypto-ATM and POS proposals, since It's completely necessary to have ATM If we want DASH to become a real option for people to have. Good job. Hopefully, you'll make it.
  11. Carlos Spaggiari

    Proposal for 2 conferences in SPAIN teaching about Dash as FinTech Proyect

    @blockchaintech Great. I love the idea of strengthening the expansion of dash to Spain and opening opportunities for sending remittances to countries like Venezuela and African countries. That's a good point to exploit. Wish you good luck.
  12. Carlos Spaggiari

    Continued Support for the Dash.red project

    Nice. This is an opportunity for people who doesn't know about Dash. I've been talking to a lot a friend and they seen interested too. It's like learn with games. Do you have any idea or sometthing in mind for new games?