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  1. Bradley Zastrow

    Sep YTD DCG Business Development Integrations

    Dear Community One of the feedback elements that we took on board was how to more regularly update the community on partnership integrations. In our last DCG Quarterly review on 10 August, we committed to providing that information in a consolidated format, to be updated quarterly. Earlier...
  2. Bradley Zastrow

    FYI: Project Update section for DCG Business Development

    Dear Community In our last DCG Quarterly review on 10 August, one of the commitments from Business Development was to create a channel on the Dash Forum to serve more formally for updates and discussion. The intent of this new Project Update section is to serve as that channel. This has...
  3. Bradley Zastrow

    Q&A Output: 2018 DCG Business Development Strategy

    Dear Community, Following our presentation of the DCG Business Development strategy on 6 September, we provided the opportunity for the community to ask questions. This was done through both the Dash forum as well as Discord. Special thanks to @Arthyron for his help in assisting. Please find...
  4. Bradley Zastrow

    DCG Business Dev Strategy, Presentation and Q&A

    Dear Community Thank you to those who were able to join us a few days ago in reviewing the DCG business development strategy. Please find below a link to the replay of the broadcast as well as the English version of the presentation. We hope to post the Spanish version within a week or so...
  5. Bradley Zastrow

    Community call: DCG Business Development's plans - 6 September 2018

    Dear Community In the last DCG Quarterly Review, we took you through how we thought about growth and where we will focus. This was based on where we saw the greatest need and greatest fit, as we needed to set priorities (see attachments). Our next step is to take the community through the...
  6. Bradley Zastrow

    Proposal: Core Team Public Relations (July)

    Dear Community I’ve seen the comments and wanted to provide you with my opinion: If this proposal does not pass, I believe the impact will be immediate and severe for business development specifically and Dash Core Group more generally. Even if efforts began immediately, there will be a gap in...
  7. Bradley Zastrow

    Changes to DCG managed Escrows

    Dear Dash Community I would like to keep you updated on some recent trends we’ve observed with the escrows that DCG has been managing, the impacts this has on the business development team and the changes we’re implementing moving forward with the July voting cycle. SITUATION As many of you...
  8. Bradley Zastrow

    Welcome Ernesto Contreras - Regional Manager Latin America (LATAM)

    Dear Dash Community I am pleased to announce that @ErnestoContrerasLatAm Contreras has joined the Dash Core Group as our new Regional Manager of the Latin America (LATAM) region. Based out of Mexico City, Mexico, Ernesto’s professional and personal life has taken him across both Latin America...
  9. Bradley Zastrow

    Welcome Omar Hamwi - Regional Business Development Manager (US/Canada)

    Dear Dash community, I am pleased to announce that @Omar Hamwi has joined the business development team! He will be the Regional Manager for the US/Canada region, although will be helping out globally in the early days as we fill out the team. Based out of Austin, Texas, Omar’s...
  10. Bradley Zastrow

    Confirming my identity on Dashcentral.org

    This post confirms that the user name "bradleyzastrow" on Dashcentral is me: Bradley Zastrow, Director global business development Dash Core
  11. Bradley Zastrow


    Hi Martin thanks for flagging! I agree that there's a lot of opportunity for us to work with anyone accepting or facilitating the use of BTC, particularly as the higher fees/longer txn times pretty much eliminate any argument for BTC as an alternative form of payment.
  12. Bradley Zastrow

    Welcome Bradley Zastrow - Director of Global Business Development

    Dear Dash Community, Thank you for the warm introduction Ryan! I am excited to join Dash in this time of incredible change and opportunity and I firmly believe we are leading the space in next generation payment processing. With our strong team and community, we are well positioned to...