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    Version 12.2 release

    I see what you did there. Funny! Peace :cool:
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    Version 12.2 release

    Well that's mature- and for the record that was my first post
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    Will mining Dash become profitable again?

    Hi! Not sure I understand- I know what natural selection is but I don't agree- Not trolling here-I am new :) The weak in your example are the smart in my mind- Who would mine at a loss? Sure you can bank coins and "hope" for a brighter future (I've mined at a loss before- but for a very short...
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    Version 12.2 release

    DASH mining looks like its going to die soon. :( Please help the miners! Is a reduction in the difficulty time re-adjust possible to something a little slower ? Also how about a little more reward for mining and less to the Master nodes- I know Master node owners would not be happy but master...