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  1. antouhou

    I think Dash needs some changes

    Hi! Anton's here. Rust is one of the main languages used today in the crypto community for a number of reasons. It provides high speed and memory safety while having no GC. Rust doesn't have nullable types and disallows referencing null pointers by default, which makes it extremely well suited...
  2. antouhou

    getting kicked when I'm down... As if things weren't bad enough...

    So to derive a pubkey from an xpub you need to sha512hmac(pubkey, path, chain code) and then get G and perform an EC multiplication on it by the first 256 bits of the hash, and then add a scalar point. That's per 1 address per account. Then we need to do the same for 999,999,999 accounts. That's...
  3. antouhou

    Dash Platform Side-Chain

    I understand your concerns. I think it's our fault not communicating better what exactly is the platform is built for and what use cases we have in mind. Let me explain a little bit more detail. We started to build the platform to build DashPay in the first place - the easy and secure way to...
  4. antouhou

    Dash Platform Side-Chain

    This side-chain is included in our roadmap, so no changes in dates
  5. antouhou

    Dash Platform Side-Chain

    Currently, we're testing different fees collection scenarios to see what would be the best for the whole network: 1. Fees collected by the nodes who processed the state transition; 2. Fees are added to ordinary masternode payouts; 3. Hybrid solutions, since the node which is processing the state...
  6. antouhou

    Dash Platform Side-Chain

    The reasons for having a second chain are mostly technical. Dash Platform started as a decentralized backend-as-a-service solution for DashPay app. The core of the platform is its database capabilities: It can be used to store and retrieve arbitrary documents. The state of the database depends...
  7. antouhou

    Dash Platform Side-Chain

    Copypasting my answers from a Reddit thread: The second chain won't be mined. A masternode quorum will produce the blocks. Since this chain will be processed only by the masternodes, masternode network will get all the fees collected from the state transitions. The second chain fees are also...