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  1. Propulsion

    Any paid Dash Instructors/Tutors?

    One of the best.
  2. Propulsion

    What would you like to see changed/implemented on New Forum

    What about a price ticker that doesn't pull from Cryptsy? :rolleyes:
  3. Propulsion

    New forum bugs

    That was from an add-on "ignore user threads".
  4. Propulsion

    New forum bugs

    Still have many many permissions.
  5. Propulsion

    New website discussion

    1.) rgb(3,78,143) 2.) rgb(30,115,190) 3.) rgb(208,9,9) 4.) rgb(70,102,123) 5.) rgb(250,250,250) Here's a trick F12 in chrome will pop up a developer window. Then there is an inspect element button where you can match the colors. Firefox has it as well. Forgot the button though.
  6. Propulsion

    WTS The First VPN-service based on ECC. Save ur DRKs

    Agreed, warned. Bump once every two weeks.
  7. Propulsion

    Dash on BTC-E

    Wow; that's absolutely amazing! Awesome stuff. Arise Chickun
  8. Propulsion

    Proposal: dedicated subforum for (pre)budget discusion

    Yeah this can be arranged. Where would you like it to be located?
  9. Propulsion

    dashtalk -> Untrusted connection (Firefox)

    Hey there! The certificate expired. As of now a new one has been issued. Nice Tiger.
  10. Propulsion

    DASH =1 and craigrant=0

    It's pulling the price from cryptsy. Does coinmarketcap offer an API?
  11. Propulsion

    Conversations - I'm in an active one but.....

    Looking into it. Contacted by PM.
  12. Propulsion


    Looks good. Might have to change the rest of the blue to a darker tone too. (Overhaul the whole theme!!!)
  13. Propulsion

    Dash Wiki link

    So the wiki currently links here: http://wiki.darkcoin.eu/wiki/FAQ and that seems to be gone so move it to the above?
  14. Propulsion

    Volunteer for moderator

    Couple more too. Lzeppelin , UdjinM6 , and a couple more are moderators. And quite honestly they're great! bhkien I'll pm you before the end of the week. Thank you for volunteering.
  15. Propulsion

    Dash Wiki link

    tungfa That site doesn't load for me. :(
  16. Propulsion

    Chinese forum name change

    Which one would you prefer?
  17. Propulsion

    no https for www.dashtalk.org only dashtalk.org

    Edit edit: Certificate is not configured for 'www.' I'd have to reissue the cert.
  18. Propulsion

    no https for www.dashtalk.org only dashtalk.org

    AnarchicCluster SSL Server Certificate Issued To Common Name (CN) dashtalk.org Organization (O) <Not Part Of Certificate> Organizational Unit (OU) GT35308039 Serial Number 03:2D:49 Issued By Common Name (CN) RapidSSL SHA256 CA - G3 Organization (O) GeoTrust Inc. Organizational Unit (OU) <Not...
  19. Propulsion

    The Rolling Thread :) (go to end for newest posts)

    I'm seriously bumping this post. Came across this today. Really cool stuff.