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  1. jeffh

    MyDashWallet Continued Development

    It was exploited to the tune of several hundred to several thousand Dash over the course of a few months from what I've seen talked about on Discord.
  2. jeffh

    DashRadar development thread

    @colofi this was some testing done by @DeltaEngine for a stress test a few months ago and then more recently in preparation for a network stress-test (theoretical max tx/s to beat any production blockchain record) scheduled to happen around the 12.4 launch.
  3. jeffh

    DashRadar development thread

    @Antti Kaikkonen If you want to pull more information about the masternodes here, feel free to run a query against this data from Dash Intel: https://api.dashintel.org/dash_masternode_insights. We have some additional information that we're pulling from paid API queries and saving in our...
  4. jeffh

    DashBoost Official Launch

    They're still anonymous, I'm not really sure what this serves to do?
  5. jeffh

    Pre-Proposal: DASH NFC POS - Advanced Festival/Event Payment Solutions

    That aside though, I like what you've put together so far!!! Only thing I would work on for the final product is some animation in your PoS system. It's the difference between something that feels hacked together and something that feels very professional.
  6. jeffh

    Pre-Proposal: DASH NFC POS - Advanced Festival/Event Payment Solutions

    If that's the case, @rulikas, it might be worth getting an external security audit because when the incentive is big enough (festival full of people with money on their wrists), someone will do their best find a way to hack it. Just this morning I saw an article about Tesla getting their key...
  7. jeffh

    GUI tool for running Masternode with Trezor

    Keep up the good work @Bertrand256!! Looking forward to the upcoming features. I pinged you on Discord as well to offer some help implementing the tx history for tax purposes as well, I have some code that already does this which I'm happy to share.
  8. jeffh

    DashNexus update: “Which Dash crypto proposals are passing?”

    @demo you do realize this is a single page of what will end up being a full-blown application, right? To butcher a metaphor - you're judging a book by its foreword, not even by it's cover.
  9. jeffh

    Dash Core Group Legal Structure Details

    Glad to see this published finally. Will be digging into this for Nexus IP ownership. @Ryan Taylor where will the redacted document be published?
  10. jeffh

    DashNexus - The Next Generation Dash Governance Platform

    @dASHBREAKER I just updated the root domain to point to the Leaderboard page as well. You can check out our channel #dash-nexus in the Dash Nation Discord any time for the latest updates. I think you'll find we share a lot there!
  11. jeffh

    DashCopay Release Plan

    Hey Bob, the e-mail used for Testflight doesn't actually have to be an Apple ID. From - https://developer.apple.com/testflight/testers/
  12. jeffh

    Pre-Proposal: Connect DASH to Mass-Market Consumers in US

    Really like this project. I'm a big fan of Science, and am happy to see your team engaging with Dash. Out of curiosity, how did you become aware / get to the point where you felt that going to the treasury was the best move for you? Oh I'm in the Orange County / LA area by the way if you ever...
  13. jeffh

    DCG Budget Planning Update

    Hey @glennaustin, given the change in Dash price - do you mind updating these numbers so we can all plan accordingly?
  14. jeffh

    Discover Dash Merchant Adoption Program

    You'll want to update that logo to more closely match the Styleguide
  15. jeffh

    What's Going on at Dash?

    I said nothing about Sia's roadmap and merely mentioned that what I linked was a good example of a postmortem. I don't know where you're getting this idea that Dash Core "over-delivers and under-promises" from. My initial request for a postmortem was in regards to a delivery date for 12.3 which...
  16. jeffh

    What's Going on at Dash?

    @feedbands we've got something we're working on for Dash Nexus that's along the lines of what you described. Needs a bit more work before we present something but we're definitely on the same page in regards to trying to align the community and work towards common goals rather than just a...
  17. jeffh

    What's Going on at Dash?

    I mentioned to another community member who's in contact with you @Alexander Chopan that Dash should really add an Ecosystem section to dash.org as ecosystem.dash.org to really bring together all the disparate community projects under one roof so there's less confusion and wasted effort around...
  18. jeffh

    Pre-Proposal (Frame 48 – Starting from Scratch – Devaluation funding)

    Nice work on the teaser guys! Looking forward to seeing the final piece.
  19. jeffh

    Calling All Masternodes - Your Urgent Attention, Please!

    @tungfa it does show a 1k output in the transaction with 354 Dash left behind in the change address. https://insight.dashevo.org/insight/tx/3366fd6254b300b4a05648b8d4d4cc7986976a4f0951d585794ff1008b4df70b I'd like to once again re-iterate what I said earlier though in that THERE IS NO...
  20. jeffh

    Calling All Masternodes - Your Urgent Attention, Please!

    To clarify what was said, there is blockchain evidence that there is a 1,000 dash transaction traceable to funds that Ben Swann received which are only one or two transactions away from the payment address. However, I was careful to mention that I did not see a masternode matching that...