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  1. YourNightmare

    Kristiv Atlas want to ask some questions..

    What You guys think about this 2 important questions? 2nd looks solved with Mixing but can we now mix coin without risk?
  2. YourNightmare

    Development Update - 6/6/2014 - Masternode Payments

    Thanks for very good explanation! Waiting for relase. Great Job guys!
  3. YourNightmare

    Poszukiwana / Poszukiwany - Czyli Kto to moze byc!?

    Glad to hear this Please upload some Avatar, be active and in this section We can feel free to speak in Polish language :=)
  4. YourNightmare

    Forum Moderators

    If You still need someone I´m here! Why should You choose my person? I like to order stuff, Everything should be on his place! I hate spammers and I like freedom. My bad site: My English is not so good, but consider that this is not my nativ language and I´m currenctly speaking in 4 other...
  5. YourNightmare

    Darkcoin Cloud Mining Eobot

    Thanks so much! I was searching to compare Your service with other "Scrypt" services and looks like You are offering good one!
  6. YourNightmare

    LibertyVPS.net and DRK... Email! Advice needed!

    Like 3 days ago. But person which reply to my message was "new" - I don´t know him. I´m with them 5 months with Windows VPS Linux VPS and i need to say that technically ( machines) are not on high level but Support and HelpDesk are very good. Finally better than They are out of DRK
  7. YourNightmare

    How-To CPU Mine Darkcoin

    I know I was mining with rented rig 15MH/s for 0.017 BTC for 24Hours and i earned 0.23 BTC = 0.007BTC with price 0.02/DRK
  8. YourNightmare

    LibertyVPS.net and DRK... Email! Advice needed!

    Sad reply from LibertyVPS.net but ok We go forward! It was short msg as They know me since 5 months:P I´m creating English Version of Email: Hi there, I wanted to contact you about DarkCoin - A new digital currency just like Bitcoin but designed for anonymous world. It was created in the...
  9. YourNightmare

    Darkcoin [DRK] Alarm just added to BitcoinBeeper!

    Going to check this out! Looks interesting!
  10. YourNightmare

    How-To CPU Mine Darkcoin

    Than can i mine DRK with CPU miner like for example RieCoin? Going to try now on my 10x machines in work:D
  11. YourNightmare

    Poszukiwana / Poszukiwany - Czyli Kto to moze byc!?

    Jako ze jak narazie jestem tutaj sam i sie nudze ( tak wiem moge sie pouczyc i takie tam :P ) poszukuje(my): Grafika - Ogarniasz jakis inny program niz Paint? Cholera Super! Wez nie zwlekaj, nie jecz i nie plakusiaj tylko zglosc swoja kandytature ( wsumie to zadna kandytatura) Po prostu jak...
  12. YourNightmare

    Tutaj sie witamy [ Niech Moc Bedzie z Wami]

    Ok chcialbym powiedziec kilka slow o mnie na temat mojego przeszlego, terazniejszego jak i przyszlego wkladu w crypto monety i darkcoin. Ja osobiscie uwazam sie za swiezaka gdyz w calym tym swiecie "Bitcoina" ( troche mnie wpienia gdy spotykasz kogos i jedyne co kojazy to slowo bitcoin i teskt "...
  13. YourNightmare

    Polish Forum Thread

    Thanks man! I saw that I have privlages for edit gonna make some changes :=)
  14. YourNightmare

    Malware on the forums

    Good moment to use TOR :D
  15. YourNightmare

    Cryptosaur-Altcoin Ticker for Google Chrome, DRK/USD/EUR/BTC

    Thanks so much added to favourites. Is there any option to make some sound alarm when price drop or jump under some value?
  16. YourNightmare

    Polish Forum Thread

    Thanks so much for subforum! We are coming :=) We Love DRK :D
  17. YourNightmare

    Small art:=)

    Tell me guys what You think about this.
  18. YourNightmare

    Bienvenidos al foro Darkcoin en castellano - Información general

    Hola chicos! alguien mas de españa agui? Vamos! adelante!
  19. YourNightmare


    There is no "Official" SilkRoad at the moment. We can find like 5-10 website on deep network similar to SK but better watch out for them as We good know that They can be "Hacked" so easy. This is not like Let´s add DRK to SK... It´s need time and will be made itself.... if something. :=)
  20. YourNightmare

    Development Update - 5/30/2014 - Fork Causes and Solutions

    Glad to hear that DRK is going forward! Thanks and waiting for relase