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  1. FirstCryptoETF

    First Crypto ETF to Establish DASH Masternode, Distribute Rewards as Dividends to Token Holders

    First Crypto ETF, the world’s first exchange-traded fund for cryptocurrencies, will establish a Dash masternode and distribute the rewards earned through the masternode to First Crypto ETF token holders. www.firstcryptoetf.com The masternode system is unique to Dash coin. As the second tier...
  2. FirstCryptoETF

    First Crypto ETF introduce leveraged portfolio, release new platform details

    The First Crypto ETF today announced it is to offer two leveraged cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds, ULTRA ETF BITTHEREUM and ULTRA ANONYMOUS. Both ETFs come with a double gearing, which means the gains are set to be multiplied by two. www.firstcryptoetf.com BITTHEREUM is composed of...
  3. FirstCryptoETF

    First Crypto ETF launches a pre-ICO, Dash will be in portfolio

    here's short news story to our announcement https://www.etfexpress.com/2017/10/03/256734/first-crypto-etf-launches-pre-ico
  4. FirstCryptoETF

    What is the fair value of a currency?

    generally, market should set the price
  5. FirstCryptoETF

    First Televised Cryptocurrency Ad

    that sounds interesting. why not? cryptos attract more and more people
  6. FirstCryptoETF

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hello all DASHers First Crypto ETF will include DAST too. If you would have some questions about our project and idea, don't hesitate and contact us.