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  1. Zammo

    Missing DRK from http://www.drkpool.com/

    I had an email from Evan telling me to visit drkpool.darkcoin.io to withdraw my darkcoin. I went to the site and was pleased to see my balance intact. When I tried to cash out, I was emailed a token to complete the process but the email never arrived (yes, I checked junk). Now my account is...
  2. Zammo

    MPOS DarkcoinTalk's Official Pool Thread!

    Yep, looks fixed now. Many thanks :)
  3. Zammo

    MPOS DarkcoinTalk's Official Pool Thread!

    I am getting regular time outs. I hash with no problems for 20-30mins, then I get this error for a while [2014-06-30 01:06:28] Stratum connection timed out [2014-06-30 01:06:28] Stratum connection interrupted [2014-06-30 01:06:28] stratum_recv_line failed [2014-06-30 01:06:28] ...retry after 30...