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  1. bitcow

    Dash Worldwide Translators

    I'll be happy to help too with spanish. I've just signed up at transfinex. Tx 4 the link!
  2. bitcow

    What is the fair value of a currency?

    Thanks for the quick reply! I'm not sure I get it. If Dash can be eternally divided in ever smaller fractions. What's the point of capping the amount of Dash in the first place? Seems to me like perpetual division is no diferent of perpetual emission. The key here is con control the purchasing...
  3. bitcow

    What is the fair value of a currency?

    Hi Pablo, great work here! I have a question regarding the long term value of Dash: If the amount of maximum Dash available in the future is capped and no more coins will be ever made. In the long run we will see a decrease of the supply due to people losing their coins (damaged hard drives...
  4. bitcow

    What if you could predict the future? I can...

    Makes sense, as always the devil is in the details. That is knowing specifically which ones will rebound and knowing when the prices has hit the bottom. Regarding bottom I don't thing anyone will know for sure, so probably gradual purchasing will be best. As for knowing which ones to buy I would...
  5. bitcow

    Bitmain announced Antminer D3 15GH for DASH

    Today they released another batch at $1599 per unit. Obviously sold out in minutes. All these units will be kicking in early Q4. Hashpower will spike then. And therefore difficulty. Anyone has any projections on how Dash mining will evolve as a business in the next year?