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  1. eizh

    Blue vs B&W Logo

    I was originally for B&W but now I'm thinking something lighter will slightly compensate for the name of the coin.
  2. eizh

    Official logo vote

    Well this forum only has about 200 members, so it's more like most are too lazy to register.
  3. eizh

    Official logo vote

    The pro-color folk are going to be disappointed. :) When it comes to color schemes, least offensive easily acquires the plurality. Hurry up with the vote so that B&W can win handily and the logo saga ends.
  4. eizh

    Official logo vote

    I remember seeing a version of 6 with a little keyhole inside the D. I think that's better.
  5. eizh

    Stop killing darkcoin (and drktalk) please.

    10 - 15? Are you kidding? This coin has a 2+ million market cap. There are probably at least a hundred with more than $1000 invested in this coin. This coin in particular attracts more serious-minded people who have money. Not everyone is a gamer kid who mines a few cryptos on the side. Loss of...
  6. eizh

    Google trends

    I see the same graph on google.com, logging in from the U.S. Interesting how much Vert has come down if you go to the 90 day view.
  7. eizh

    Hacks Everywhere!

    This is why I tolerate Cryptsy's problems and use them for any appreciable amounts.
  8. eizh

    Anybody trading on Mintpal?

    It worked great when I was using it to mine and dump Pandacoin. :D
  9. eizh


    As a Coinbase victim, I agree.
  10. eizh

    100 DRK active member lottery! - Winner drawn, congratulations DieCommieScum!

    Let's see if I'll make it. I'm going to be away from civilization/internet for 3 weeks.
  11. eizh

    What other altcoins are DRKcoiners into?

    Bought DOGE at 70 and sold at 170. Now I'm only in DRK.