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    Dash Vs Paypal

    Paypal is a payments service provider with many currencies while dash is a currency itself. Thus these two don’t compete at all. PayPal could in fact integrate dash into their service. A competitor to PayPal in the crypto space would be sth like gocoin or coinbase commerce. The only thing in...
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    Digital Cash Day Havana 2018

    Hey, Nice idea. I especially like the idea of funding a long term operating dash embassy out of this. How do you plan to get enough people to show up to justify your expenses? The budget appears high for your first project, maybe you should scale it down accordingly to get a better cost per...
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    Let's make SWOT Analysis for Dash

    This is a great idea. To successfully bring Dash to market such analysis should be central to the strategy. I hope we can get great insights from many parts of the community. My take: Strengths: Most established masternodecoin. (More possible things to build on 2 layers of infrastructure...
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    Dash Community Q&A

    It’s really unlucky that you didn’t include answers for the remaining Q1 call questions here. However keep up the good communications and I’d really appreciate AMAs
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    Ukrainian DASH Community - Payment System, Video Blogs, Conferences

    Hi, I believe you have ripped off the dash community by breaching the bitcoin+dash exclusivity agreement for your payments solution. Can you please clarify
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    Discover Dash Merchant Adoption Program

    Why exclude offline merchants? We have Anypay, Paytomat, coppay, moonposapp, qr.cr, cointopay and probably some more I’m not aware off. Yes these are not perfect solutions, but the perfect solution would be dash integrated in all the pos systems currently used by merchants. This is still far...
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    Dash Core Group Q1 2018 Summary Call - 4 May 2018

    @kot can we still expect answers to the open questions?
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    Pre-Proposal Vaultoro to implement DASH

    It might cost you this much money, I don’t doubt that. But I’m judging your proposal from the dash perspective. Giving 134 trades per day the option to use dash for 100k is minuscule return on investment. The only exchange is still a exchange
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    Pre-Proposal Vaultoro to implement DASH

    Why does the price need to be higher when the chance of success is higher? Are you asking for integration costs or profit on top? Why didn’t you contagct core business developement for implementation assistance? Id we’re leaving out the buzz words like gold and fiat independent you proposal...
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    Pre-Proposal Vaultoro to implement DASH

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t add dash. The price tag is just way to high. Others built an exchange from the ground up for 18 dash some months ago. Why didn’t you just get in contact with cores busines developement to get help implementing dash? Are you vaulting 1.8 tons or 0.5 now? How does...
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    Pre-Proposal Vaultoro to implement DASH

    Another thought regarding remaining funds: I assume you can’t fund a new account with gold. You could probably fund a new account with dash. So if you market the gold/dash pair you’re marketing for people to sell their dash for gold. How does this help dash?
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    Pre-Proposal Vaultoro to implement DASH

    Sorry but I have to strongly speak out against this proposal. 100k$ for an exchange integration with 135 trades per day(200k volume) is a joke. No exclusivity, no bonus, nothing extra. Leftover funds used to market the platform!? Really that has one of the lowest ROIs I’ve come across in a...
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    I think dash is at the point where just meetups and conferences simply aren’t enough anymore. If you could add a long term merchant adoption program, PR and support similar to what the dash embassy dach is doing this proposal would have much more impact. Imo advertising and educating dash is...
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    Dash Core Group Q1 2018 Summary Call - 4 May 2018

    1) Does DCG feel that Blockchain patents could be a significant roadblock in the development of dash software(e.g Bitcoin cash only patents by nChain) 2) @Bradley Zastrow: Could you please elaborate on the bizDev strategy pre and post evolution going forward. Are you planning on hiring more...
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    pre-proposal DashBus Venezuela..Transporting to the future

    Sounds good. I like how you target only one sector. What qualifies you and your team for this proposal? Do your have connections to transport buisiness or would you start from scratch?
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    video for Remittance , please watch it

    Dash is not on Coinbase. You’re advertising btc and Coinbase not dash imo
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    Getfreedash for Nigeria, Kenya , India and others at $2 per user, looking for partners to join me

    I honestly think you should focus on venezuela and get about 10%(if not more) of the population covered there. That’s the only country right now where a full crypto adoption seems possible at this stage of crypto.
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    Getfreedash for Nigeria, Kenya , India and others at $2 per user, looking for partners to join me

    You know I love your proposal:) Some questions: Why do you feel 1$ per sign up is not enough? You experienced first hand how quickly these numbers can get out of control, why would you assume otherwise in the next proposed countries? Don’t you think you should first focus on Venezuela where...
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    Pre-Proposal - YouTube Awareness - Country Expansion (Strike Social Inc. 500 No.17)

    That’s fine for me. I’m aware that it could go both ways. Also let’s not mix this with your other proposal, that’s a done deal between you and the Dao. I also acknowledge and appreciate the partnership and Im sure your providing good value for dash but in the end your business model is to...
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    Pre-Proposal - YouTube Awareness - Country Expansion (Strike Social Inc. 500 No.17)

    I hope you adjust your proposal accordingly to account for the value gains of a bull market or the value losses of a bear market. Otherwise I can’t see a reason why we wouldn’t just pay you a calculable fiat amount through cores marketing budget and spend the rest of the expected to go up value...