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  1. Dandy

    DASH Masternode Zeus (replacement for dashman)

    Is Masternode Zeus v20 compatible?
  2. Dandy

    Temporary Measures / Quick Wins

    Unallocated treasury funds were never created, so I don't see what is there to talk about.
  3. Dandy

    Consensus Mechanisms

    I really like this idea. Also, 10 Dash seems like a good point of entry. What this needs to be viable is a user-friendly integration into the wallet, so people can stake inside a mobile wallet for example. Also, I would propose that the "unit" of staking be 10 Dash, so you can only stake in...
  4. Dandy

    Flexible Proposal System

    Carry over no. I would be for a flexible system, but I think it would be only fair if that would dip into the MNO rewards, not rewards of miners (and/of stakers, if we implement that). As MNOs are effectively the ones with the power to vote on it and other network participants have no agency in...
  5. Dandy

    Temporary Measures / Quick Wins

    We could just lower the mining reward, keep MNO rewards and budget the same, and burn the rest. That would effectively raise the value of all Dash in circulation, impacting holders. Of course, that's just until we can implement some smarter long term solution.
  6. Dandy

    Minimum Fees

    $0.01 is a significant fee in places like Venezuela. If our network can be spammed that easily, then maybe we need to scale better. I don't think we should be able to decide a minimum fee. Shouldn't current network congestion be a deciding factor?
  7. Dandy

    Dash Core Group Q2 2019 Summary Call - Thursday, 8 August 2019

    @strophy Ok, fair enough. That question can be skipped, then.
  8. Dandy

    Dash Core Group Q2 2019 Summary Call - Thursday, 8 August 2019

    Hm... I didn't get that from the previous response. It never states that Evolution is a prerequisite for InstantSend in mobile wallets, just that ChainLocks and Chained InstantSend are. So that would mean there is no technical limitation to implementing PrivateSend into current mobile wallets...
  9. Dandy

    Dash Core Group Q2 2019 Summary Call - Thursday, 8 August 2019

    Well, partially. I have seen that answer before, but I actually wanted to find out if we'll have to wait for DashPay before we get PrivateSend on mobile wallets, or can we have it integrated before full Evolution rollout? Ryan himself said that they are not related to each other and that you...
  10. Dandy

    Dash Core Group Q2 2019 Summary Call - Thursday, 8 August 2019

    I have two questions: Q1: When can we expect PrivateSend to be available on mobile wallets? Q2: Is anyone currently looking into some sort of protocol level implementation of trustless masternode collateral sharing or is it an abandoned idea and it's left to trusted third parties to implement...
  11. Dandy

    Quantum is here, should we be worried?

    I think we should start talking about this again, because quantum computing threat may be closer than we think, considering that quantum computing power is increasing exponentially, not linearly as traditional computing power does...
  12. Dandy

    Proposal: Commitment to Improving Funding Model

    I think this is far too vague. I'm sure that we all want to improve the funding model if possible, but without a concrete improvement proposal, I don't see a point to this.
  13. Dandy

    Cryptocurrencies that have governance.

    That's because most of the people that got into crypto early actually believe that basic income is a bad thing and should be avoided, as it inevitably leads to inflation. That being said, I would like to see at least one crypto that does basic income, but does it right. I still don't see how we...
  14. Dandy

    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    I still like the current logo better. It just looks like it's moving... dashing rather :) The Ogilvy one just seems uninteresting to me.
  15. Dandy

    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    My initial reaction is that I don't like either one, but then I realized that it just may be that I'm too used to the old logo. I'll have to give it some time and try to look at it more objectively.
  16. Dandy

    why has this months budget pool come down from 6600 to 6100 dash ?

  17. Dandy

    Can we get Dashpay Card?

    I still don't see why this card is so hyped. This would be useful only in places that have a custom POS system in place to accept it and in that case you can do the same thing with a mobile application as with this card. If we had a Dash POS network in place, we could make a card like this in a...
  18. Dandy

    Can we get Dashpay Card?

    So, in essence, it's just a paper wallet.
  19. Dandy

    Can we get Dashpay Card?

    I'm pretty sceptical about that card. There are a lot of issues with card issuers regarding crypto-based debit cards. TenX had all of their cards disabled a few months ago and LitePay had their Litecoin card delayed. Additionally, card issuers are notoriously problematic when privacy based...
  20. Dandy

    Universal Dividend and Web of Trust for Dashcoin

    I don't think you are doing a good job, really. All your posts sound more like propaganda than like a feasible idea. I'm actually genuinely curious. Let's say you have technical stuff handled and you can make your ideal cryptocurrency. How would it function?