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    Hashing Speeds

    GPU MINING Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 7850 2 x XFX 7850 1 x Sapphire Mining Software: SPH-SGMINER Hash Speed: 2 XFX 1.858 Mh/s 1 Sapphire 1.027 Mh/s Total ~ 2.8 Mh/s
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    sgminer 4.1 won't obey my commands... 5x 280x Vapor-X

    You need to ADL SDK to be able to monitor temps and clock speed in sgminer
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    Darkcoin Update / Masternode requirements / Masternode Payments

    Are there any recommendation on protecting the masternode server? Specifically mitigating a DDOS attack. I know protection is up to server owner but just wanted to see if their are any recommendations.