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    Can I recover my wallet using transaction address alone?

    Typically when you delete files the operating system just marks the disk area as empty so there could be a small chance that it could be recovered with specialized software. But if the laptop has been in active use then it is probably more likely that the disk area has been overwritten by new...
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    DashRadar development thread

    Oops. The neo4j database had become unresponsive for some reason. It's now running again. I will probably move it to a new server because the current one is running out of space. Here is monthly unique visitor stats for anyone interested: I probably won't install analytics on the new server.
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    Chatbot for predicting crypto prices on a messenger – good idea?

    If you think that you can predict the future then what's the benefit of making these bets over trading on an exchange? How much does the service provider (ADAMANT?) charge in fees?
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    EletroPay POS + SIGN Solution

    What is the current status of ElectroPay? It seemed really promising but I haven't heard about it in a while.
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    Should I even bother?

    What happened to the ElectroPay Dash POS device? It seemed really promising but I haven't heard about it in a while.
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    Updating dash core on Ubuntu 18.04

    Some people who updated late were stuck in the wrong chain. To make sure that you are in the correct chain you can use the "getblockchaininfo" dash-cli command and compare the bestblockhash to any block explorer.
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    MyDashWallet.org Compromised

    @FabioEcoe I tried to see if I can follow the money from the address that you provided, but I can only see that it had 0.83 Dash. Is that a wrong address since you said you lost 143 dash? What is the transaction id of the transaction(s) that you didn't authorize?
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    connecting to peers

    Yeah rewinding the blockchain with invalidateblock is quite slow in my experience. The more blocks you are invalidating the longer it takes and the only way to see the progress is by reading the debug.log file. It's not an easy procedure so for most users I would recommend just making a backup...
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    connecting to peers

    I think this solution is otherwise correct but the block hash to invalidate and later reconsider should be slightly before the 0.14 hardfork. If you only do it for the lastblockckhash then you are most likely still going to be in the minority chain. This reddit user seems to have the same problem.
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    DashRadar development thread

    Dashradar does not currently recognize old mixing transactions where multiple different denominations in the same mixing transaction was allowed.
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    Linux build

    Did you follow a tutorial? I think I got it to work following this tutorial: https://github.com/dashpay/dash/blob/master/doc/build-unix.md
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    Dash Pages - Tools, Docs, Block Explorers, Masternodes, ...

    @tungfa please add https://blockchair.com/dash edit: remove dashvotetracker. remove https://gilemon.com:8080/static/BlockchainVisualizer.html remove dashpeople.com add dashnexus add dashcrypto.org
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    Dash protocol changed

    I don't think there have been any changes to txids. Maybe your program is breaking because of special transactions. For example a quorum comitment transaction has no inputs or outputs: getrawtransaction ebcf4d5b223edd1ae1b1babf4f530aeefcf49b9bec00962c7f9b3f45b132d001 2 { "hex"...
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    Dash Core v0.13 on Mainnet

    Maybe the fee source input is required to have a certain amount of confirmations? Just guessing.
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    Is PrivateSend sybil resistant?

    Do you know how the participant is defined here? How is it prevented that the the other 2, 3 or 4 participants are not the same entity?
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    Is PrivateSend sybil resistant?

    The collateral fee which is paid randomly (10% chance) has been reduced from 0.01 to 0.0001 in the last year or so. The cheapness of mixing leads me to think that an attacker could run a lot of mixing clients to become the only mixing participant to some honest mixers. If you are only mixing...
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    New dash.org site is live

    Market standard is a weak excuse to send user data to third parties in my opinion but I understand that your resources are limited. I would rather have you focus on core development than this.
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    New dash.org site is live

    Looks nice. My only concern is that it seems to use google-analytics instead of a self hosted open-source alternative like matomo (formerly piwik). Do we really want to send data about our users to google?
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    Major explorers and personal nodes stuck

    It might be a good idea to take explorer.dash.org down until the reindexing is done. Or alternatively add a message telling people that it's not synced and suggesting them to use insight.dash.org in the meanwhile.
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    DashRadar development thread

    Transactions per day includes all transactions including mixing transactions, privatesend transactions and create denominations transactions.