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    WTS Early Access Black Friday Deal

    Black Friday 2019 is yet to come however big deals are coming from PureVPN (85% off) and many others such as Surfshark (83% off) and Ivacy (80% off): https://www.vpnranks.com/vpn-deals/. I hope upon Black Friday arrival, there will be more discounts.
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    How To See If Your VPN Is Leaking Your IP Address (And How To Stop It)

    Many VPNs are not disclosing their weak points. You know many providers do leak DNS and IPs. Even some providers tell that they do not keep logs but they do.
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    Anonymous VPN-Service/Best OPENVPN GUI/Double VPN/L2TP/PPTP

    Is it worth for using Mac systems like Macbook Air Pro? I hope it's good enough as compared to CyberGhost/NordVPN or others mentioned as here: https://www.vpnranks.com/best-vpn/mac/
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    Best VPN?

    For VPN newbies, it is worth knowing about the best server locations they should go for. This guide may help.
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    WTB Need A VPN - But Only Something That Accepts Cryptocurrency

    Most of the VPN providers are now accepting cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin. Some of those I can mention as follows: ExpressVPN PureVPN NordVPN PrivateVPN Surfshark iVPN I am here sharing a guide which will be very helpful to you and every reader here: https://www.vpnranks.com/vpn-comparison/...
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    Best VPN?

    I am using Windows 10 PC these days. I previously have been using Nord VPN and these days I am trying a new comer in the market: Surf Shark, so far so good. It is also cost effective so I am giving full try to this. Obviously, one would hardly go for new comes but SurfShark looks committing...
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    Best VPN for Australia - for Netflix and Hotstar?

    Hi all, I am looking for the best VPN option for Australia particularly for accessing Netflix US movies as well as I also have to watch Hotstar transmission. Can you recommend the one which can get me access to both of these channels. I have had a look at this list for best australia vpns; they...
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    WTS cheap residential static and dedicated VPN

    Hi, which VPN do you sell? I was looking for some cheaper VPN with good reputation. I needed for general uses as I need couple of things to do with a VPN, not for just residential purposes. I found some budget VPNs for cheap with really low price such as one of them, PureVPN comes at just...
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    Best apps for trading?

    Try RobinHood and TradeHero. These are the best apps for android so far.
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    Search engines

    Yandex and duckduckgo are good alternatives to google but the problem I have found in them is that they serve limited results, sometimes all useless.
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    How To See If Your VPN Is Leaking Your IP Address (And How To Stop It)

    Oh it can happen still? Even using a vpn? Choose the top rated VPN service always in order to avoid the problem. Remember, there are many VPNs but for maximum protection, go for the leading one.
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    Best Alternatives to Tor Browser to Browse Anonymously

    Not sure but wanna confirm that does Chrome Incognito behave like Tor or can be replaced with?
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    Any VPN Providers accepting DRK?

    Expressvpn, Nord and IPVanish accept Bitcoin payments. Do you mean Bitcoin?
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    Best VPN?

    NordVPN is best however if you wanna look into more cost effective options. BTW, going with NordVPN is suited the most as per the most positive word of mouth.
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    Any VPN Providers accepting DRK?

    Flokinet is accepting DRK.
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    LastPass scrambles to fix another major flaw

    Aren't we hearing more and more problems in Lastpass.. I saw it's features, keepassx is free
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    Anonymous Searching ? Bye Bye Google ; )

    What about Bing, Yahoo! and Baidu? don't they allow anonymous searches too?