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    CCminer X11 mining on NVidia cards

    I only grabbed the windows binaryto get an old NV5400 working on a windows laptop so I'm afraid I didn't do a compile. Seems like the error you are seeing has also been logged as an issue for the main ccminer trunk - https://github.com/cbuchner1/ccminer/issues/10 Also noticed that the install...
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    CCminer X11 mining on NVidia cards

    Maybe try KBomba's build? It uses the most recent copy of the official ccMiner source (faster the the current official) and also includes an optional downgraded ccminer21 for older nvidia cards. https://github.com/KBomba/ccminer-KBomba/releases/
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    High share difficulty in p2pool for slower miners

    Thanks for the ideas. I checked the settings on one of my slow miners and it is definitely using stratum+tcp:// Also tried [address]+0.001 but it still got assigned a share difficulty of 26.067 Looking at the various speeds in the pool it seems that all miners <1mh are assigned a high...
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    High share difficulty in p2pool for slower miners

    I've noticed that for some miners in p2pools the share difficultly is much higher than the minimum pool difficulty. For example currently in p2pool.darkcointalk.org:7903 most of the miners have a share difficulty of 7.697 which is the minimum pool difficulty, but a small number the slower...
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    750Ti Hashrates vs 750?

    I don't have a 750 unfortunately, but the main difference seems to be that 750 has 512 CUDA cores whereas the 750Ti has 640 CUDA cores so that would indicate the 750 running at about 80% of the 750Ti hash rate. There may be slight clock difference too but those can be tweaked... The Darkcoin...
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    Help! Mining with ccminer v1.0

    The GTX670 only supports CUDA 3.0, from the command line in your screenshot it looks like you are trying to run ccminer35.exe which is the version for cards supporting CUDA 3.5 Try running ccminer30.exe instead with the same parameters, it comes as part of the ccminer package so you already have...
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    Extremely Low KH. Can I use Hardware?

    That's probably about right for your CPU, I have an old Gen2 I5 that does about 100kh/s and that will be slightly faster than an I3. The avx CPU miner speeds things up some, but only works on newer CPUs with the AES-NI instructions, that is typically a Gen 3 or 4 I7 so it won't work for you -...
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    CCminer X11 mining on NVidia cards

    That's the Microsoft Visual C run time library v10, if you just downloaded the single dll file from somewhere then maybe try downloading the full runtime installer from microsoft and installing that. This dll file usually lives in the windows\system32 folder but would probably be picked up if...
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    Masternode/TOR setup assistance

    Also checkout http://www.darkproxy.net/darknet.php
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    Masternode/TOR setup assistance

    If trying this on Windows you'd be better to start by downloading the expert bundle as the browser bundle really isn't suitable for what you're trying to do. Of course in Linux everything expert mode ;-) I don't think testing this initially on a cloud provider is a good idea for as it may...
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    DRK-TOR integration?

    A few thoughts on coin anonymity using TOR... TOR is very capable of anonymously routing normal internet traffic (albeit a little slowly) so using the existing wallet options -> proxy setting it should already be possible to hide a client IP address via TOR, the network would see the client as...
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    CCminer X11 mining on NVidia cards

    I'm getting 1.8mhash on P2Pool with an NVidia GTX 760 (ccMiner v1.0 windows binary). Apparently x11 hasn't been optimized in this release, so future releases of ccMiner might improve the has rate further. Either way it is a huge improvement on CPU only mining and Christian deserves credit for...