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    Proposal Idea: Gradually Reduce Proposal Fee

    Hey, all. The proposal fee is a topic that comes up pretty often. A lot of people think 5 Dash is too high but 1 Dash is too low - but why do we need to jump all the way down to 1 Dash? I think 1 Dash is a little low at the current price, so one option that is not talked about is to gradually...
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    stop dash from getting burned

    While I do agree, Dash has another variable related to the coin supply: the burn rate. Because the number of proposals per month will change it's harder to predict the final coin supply. One might argue that allowing the DAO to resuscitate burned coins would lead to a more predictable coin...
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    stop dash from getting burned

    I agree, this sounds like a great idea. The nice thing about it is we don't need to implement it now since we are still spending less than we create. 5 or 10 years down the road it shouldn't be too hard to look back in the Dash budget history and count how many Dash were never created and then...