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  1. julianeon

    Pre-Proposal: Dash Exchanges Website

    Thank you for the feedback! I agree with your assessment. We are thinking of retooling and resubmitting at some point down the line, perhaps smaller in scope/cost (and certainly better timed) to be more in line with the needs of the community. We'll be taking some time and giving this more...
  2. julianeon

    Pre-Proposal: Dash Exchanges Website

    Hello! I wouldn't call us a support center; while that is where the majority of my experience is (I've worked in support for 5+ years), that is not our focus. It is meant to be an informational site that walks people through the various exchanges and third parties associated with Dash, how to...
  3. julianeon

    Pre-Proposal: Dash Exchanges Website

    Summary Create a community resource site named dashexchange.io which will function as a walk-through guide and resource for all Dash things exchange and merchant related. The site will function as a knowledge base and resource for users who want to know more about Dash and third parties...
  4. julianeon

    Dash Core Team Q2 2017 Summary Call

    Thanks for this - that was very helpful! The patent problem would've never occurred to me, but it seems necessary, sadly.
  5. julianeon

    Coindesk and Dash

    That's a good find - almost an order of magnitude away from anything else.
  6. julianeon

    Will Dash Evloution be Shoppable?

    The thing about Amazon is, it's hard for a payment method change to move their massive bottom line. Plus they generally don't want to be the first mover. We may need to focus on smaller merchants first, and work our way up.
  7. julianeon

    New to the forum, want to know more

    If you'd like an executive summary, this is from the whitepaper (worth reading): Dash: A Privacy-Centric Crypto-Currency [Dash is a] crypto-currency based on Bitcoin, the work of Satoshi Nakamoto, with various improvements such as a two-tier incentivized network, known as the Masternode...
  8. julianeon

    Smart Contracts for Dash

    I'm still learning about the use cases for smart contracts, which seem a little thin to me. But programmable money is pretty much the same idea, so they exist. So far, a decentralized casino might be the easiest one to explain and understand.
  9. julianeon

    Good website for trade

    I went to liberalcoins and there's too big a markup on the available trades I checked, but it's an interesting idea.
  10. julianeon

    An Open Letter From Evan and Ryan Regarding Dash Marketing

    Thanks for this; I learned a lot. I believe we should make intelligent choices among budget proposals, and not move too quickly or too slowly.
  11. julianeon

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hi! I'm new to the community and excited to be here. I became involved with cryptocurrencies through a previous employer, Ripple; I had some concerns about Bitcoin that Dash answers for me. I wish I'd become involved earlier, but there's a first time for everyone, and we're nowhere near the end...
  12. julianeon


    If you tend to transpose letters, it wouldn't be that difficult to transpose every letter pair and test out the possibilities.