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  1. Tobias VR

    Dash NEXT: BIZ Dev, Partnerships, integrations, Marketing & Market entries (Asia&beyond)

    ASEAN Digital Summit Lucky Draw Winners! Congratulations! to the following Dash wallet holders, whose addresses were selected at random from the list of entries using a RNG provided courtesy of random.org. If you own one of the winning addresses, claim your ticket by sending us an email to...
  2. Tobias VR

    Acceleration Co-Funding for a Self-Sustaining Dash Embassy in Thailand

    Very exciting @dashbkk , Dash will fit quite well in the Asian markets. Merchants will be very open to implement.
  3. Tobias VR

    Pre-Proposal: Co-Funding of Dash Embassy Thailand / Asia Embassy Expansion Step 1 (Oct-Dec 2018)

    Hi everyone, I'm quite excited being part of the Dash community and the team supporting the Dash awareness and integration in Asia. A decade of business experience in the region working with locals learning about the culture, the markets and Asian consumer behavior make me confident in the...