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  1. Seen

    Help me going to represent Dash Haiti in the Anarchapulco event !

    Thanks for your reply. Look forward to meeting you in Acapulco in Feb :)
  2. Seen

    Help me going to represent Dash Haiti in the Anarchapulco event !

    Hi Carlomile2 in what way would the Haitian Dash community or Dash in general benefit from your attendance at Anarachapulco? Not questioning your motives, just trying to understand in order to decide on what amount to contribute.
  3. Seen

    Announcement: Launch of the Official Dash Merchandise Line

    Lol, first time I'll have socks on my Xmas wishlist. Any chance to add a decent power bank? Still one of the preferred give-aways at conferences
  4. Seen

    Evan Duffield is throwing away hundreds of thousands of dollars every month

    Evan cares more about the DASH project than his personal enrichment. Therefore he does everything possible to counter the argument of potential manipulation or centralization.
  5. Seen

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hi DASH Community, new forum member hailing from Germany! My name is Seen, I work in corporate event- and travel management, plus I have a strong background in CRM and hospitality management. I’ve been into crypto currencies since 2012/2013 when I got my first BTC and I have been an enthusiast...