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  1. satoshilives

    Pre-Proposal: Partner With High Traffic Media Brand (VIDEO SAMPLE)

    I don't understand what is being proposed at all here. Can you provide more details?
  2. satoshilives

    DashRemix makes Masternode voting easy with unbiased ratings of budget proposals and voting APIs

    Lets see what phases 1, 2 and 3 look like before we fund it all right? Makes sense to have a plan before spending the money in my opinion.
  3. satoshilives

    [UPDATE] Colibit: Enabling free market for DASH/VEF in Venezuela

    Stay the course and thank you. Can't wait for next round of updates!
  4. satoshilives

    Proposal: Dash Bug Bounty - Bugcrowd 12 month renewal

    Thank you for your service here sir! Great work all around.
  5. satoshilives

    Mining Hardware and Guides

    Many thank yous for the references!
  6. satoshilives


    The schedule, budget breakdown and thought put into this proposal is impressive and appreciated! More proposals here should include this level of detail.
  7. satoshilives

    Pre-proposal: Video with Danny Trejo to promote Dash on social platforms

    This could be hilarious! I like this proposal a lot.
  8. satoshilives

    Pre-Proposal: We Are Change!

    That is a big budget, maybe see if there are any ways to bring it down to less than a 2 year commitment?
  9. satoshilives

    Dash Hackathon Sponsorship at SF Hacks ‘18

    Proposal is looking good, I support this overall concept. Will there be any media or documenting of the event to use for later promotion? Or what is the lasting benefit to Dash after these events? Might be good to expand on that piece a bit more. Again, great work!
  10. satoshilives

    Dash at SF Hacks '18: Proposal Update #1

    The shirts, banner, poster, all looks wonderful! Continue the great work and thank you for these updates. :)
  11. satoshilives

    The Birth Of Darkcoin

    Inspired and transparent, this is why I love Dash. Thank you Evan for providing us context and insights.
  12. satoshilives

    It's a Currency! It's a Token! It's a ... Collectible? (amanda new show)

    Amanda continues to impress, good work!