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    iBeLink (SOLVED)

    Completely agree ^. iBeLink if it was your true intention to facilitate the decentralized mining effort then please explain why either a.) you are mining with 80-90 of your own machines or the machines of your customers b.) are complicate in selling this many miners to one individual/entity...
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    iBeLink™ DM384M ASIC Dash Miner

    iBeLink your insight would be helpful on the last two pages of posts? Thanks.
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    iBeLink™ DM384M ASIC Dash Miner

    Agreed, since not answering the question is indeed an answer. I had hoped they would want to ensure some longevity from a mining perspective for if not for their customers, for themselves and not be just another run of the mil 'bitmain' that floods the market... hope my presumption is wrong tho.
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    iBeLink™ DM384M ASIC Dash Miner

    iBeLink just following up on this question, thanks.
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    iBeLink™ DM384M ASIC Dash Miner

    iBeLink how many miners are you selling in Batch 2?
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    PinIdea ASIC X11 Miner DR-1 Hashrate 500MH/s @320w Weighs 4.5kg

    soleo is there any update as to the shipping and availability of these? Has the mid-March timing changed? Thanks.
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    iBeLink™ DM384M ASIC Dash Miner Support Thread

    iBeLink_1 when I try to delete a pool or move it to the top of the list it says 'action error - missing pool id parameters' ? Problem solved! Thank you iBeLink Support for such a quick resolution.