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    V12 Release

    After months working away fine my 2 MN's on Vultr (upgraded to V12) died last night. Also having difficulties running the cli commands. Looks like it's not installed correctly "file not found" despite file existing in same directory as dashd. Any help appreciated.
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    Masternode Down

    Never mind. Showing now. Weird it dropped off like that. Guess I have to keep a closer eye on them !
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    Masternode Down

    Hi Folks.Running two masternodes for months now with no issues. I now see one of them has dropped off masternodes listing (a few days ago). VPS appears to be up and running fine. Went into vps ran dash d and synced fine. Started masternode from qtwallet all good. Ran grep ./dashd masternode...
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    Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain

    I'm a lucky one in that I have MN ownership. I wonder though in the interest of inclusion should we provide the option for parties to contribute and vote from their wallet. If a holder of dash feels really strongly on a project they could have the option to donate and then vote accordingly...
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    11.2 - Dash Release

    Seem to be affected too. Masternodes haven't been paid in 6-7 days. Before upgrade there were paid like clockwork. Both 11.2.17 and showing as open + zero's on dash ninja. Any advice?
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    The Rolling Thread :) (go to end for newest posts)

    It's a DOS attack on Bitcointalk.
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    New subreddit?

    Afraid the contents of my lunch order were made with total anonymity/privacy. All i can tell you is that it included a DASH of something special ! I'll get my coat
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    New subreddit?

    Brilliant stuff. As ever community have everything covered. Now can you tell me what I'm having for lunch? :wink:
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    New subreddit?

    (cc'd Evan and Tungfa @reddit) Guess we need a new subreddit folks? I know dash (Houston Dash) already exists - and guessing we want to stay away from the legacy r/dashcoin I see reddit user wormsterror has a r/digitalcash created which looks legit? Has there been a decision made on this...
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    Official Statement On Rebranding To Dash

    That spinning logo is the best thing since sliced bread - sliced bread having been invented the previous winter* Seriously - kudos to the original designers of both the logo and the animation. Another notch to this communities belt. *Simpsons quote
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    bounties, growth and sustainability

    I think the voluntary contribution would be a better course of action. I think with the right processes, accountability and transparency in place you'll find the community more then willing to donate to see the project succeed. That's my two'pence!
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    Making Darkcoin T-shirts

    Me too....Black hoodie with logo sounds the dogs b*ll*cks
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    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Greetings from the Emerald Isle. Amazing project which I'm now proud to be part of. Pulled trigger on drk over last few days and set up masternode just a few mins ago thanks to Tao's brilliant guide (some drk on it's way as a thanks!)