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  1. bhkien

    Dash Core Group Q4 Quarterly Call - 04.02.2021

    I don't see any commit from Alexander Block for many months. Is he still working for Dash?
  2. bhkien

    MNO incentives

    I would like to comment on Dashcentral.org. However, I don't want to reveal information about my masternodes, but it doesn't let me comment on it without prove my masternode ownership. Is this really need to prove masternode ownership to comment on proposals?
  3. bhkien

    Pre-Proposal: Dash Ninja funding (hosting+maintenance+evolutions)

    You will get my votes! I always support for technology improvements.
  4. bhkien

    Dash Core Group Q3 Quarterly Call - 29.10.2020

    We spent much of our resources to marketing Dash in Venezuela market and we got many good news about opportunities to cooperate there. However, number of transactions seem no change in many months. Compare with Litecoin, distance of average number of transactions between Dash and Litecoin is...
  5. bhkien

    Dash Core Group Q2 2020 Summary Call - Thursday, 23 July 2020

    It’s about near 3 months from last quarterly call. How about Q3 quarterly call? When will it happen?
  6. bhkien

    What to do when Masternode is POSE_BANNED ?

    Thank you very much! Actually my masternode was running after update to version ‘till this morning. Restart server doesn’t help. Finally, I had to reissue update_service command.
  7. bhkien

    Docs about PoSe-ban?

    Thanks for sharing. I could not find any reason that caused the problem. But, after reissuing update_service command, the problem disappeared.
  8. bhkien

    What to do when Masternode is POSE_BANNED ?

    Dear all, I had upgraded my masternode, and everything went well. However, recently I found my masternode has a state POSE_BANNED. What can I do to bring it back to work. Thanks in advance.
  9. bhkien

    Website chính thức của Dash đã có tiếng Việt

    chào mừng bạn đã đến với Dash
  10. bhkien

    New Dash video series: Why Dash should definitely NOT be promoted as a cloud

    sorry Fernando, but I do think that DCG should choose someone who more passionate about Dash, as well as marketing to replace Fernando. Dash somewhat likes a startup company and we don’t just need someone who works like a government officer but need someone who works like an warrior.
  11. bhkien

    Website chính thức của Dash đã có tiếng Việt

    bạn gặp khó khăn gì thì cứ đăng câu hỏi cụ thể nhé
  12. bhkien


    Bạn xem Dash VN blog chưa? Tham gia nhóm trên Facebook chưa?
  13. bhkien

    Consensus Mechanisms

    In my opinion, originally, POW was not only designed for secure the network, but it was also designed to increase network effect. Why? Miners don’t receive all the coins he need at one time, instead, they receive little by little, that keep them still in the network. They learn about coin, and...
  14. bhkien

    v15.0 Testing

    I have a problem when import private key with the version running on Linux (Ubuntu). The program suddenly quit during scanning blockchain after import private key.
  15. bhkien

    Consensus Mechanisms

    What do you think if we reduce coin emission. For example, instead of each year emission rate reduces 7.5%, we change to let each year the emission rate will reduce 10% or 14%.
  16. bhkien

    Website chính thức của Dash đã có tiếng Việt

    Mình đã kiểm tra lại, nó vẫn có tiếng rõ ràng đấy chứ.
  17. bhkien

    Website chính thức của Dash đã có tiếng Việt

    Dash Vietnam cũng có nhóm trên Facebook với tên nhóm là Dash Vietnam. Hãy tham gia để được cập nhật tin tức của nhóm nhé.
  18. bhkien

    Tham gia biên dịch tài liệu cho Dash

    Are you Vietnamese?
  19. bhkien

    Dash Việt Nam trên Youtube nơi chia sẻ các clips bình luận về Dash

    Mình chưa hiểu rõ câu hỏi của bạn. Bạn có thể vui lòng nói rõ hơn không?