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    Novice - can anyone help?

    Well I tried coinomat but the transaction, I don't know why, didn't happen right. I sent them 0.01btc and after a while they changed status of order to "not enough funds". I didn't get bitcoin back and didn't get dash. So I propably wont use them again :D
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    Novice - can anyone help?

    Thanks for fast answers. I have already tried both bittrex and poloniex. I have tried to exchange small amounts - 0.001btc. But wasn't successful - it took too long to make the exchange so I canceled it. Maybe I am missing something. Shapeshift looks awesome and easy and I was able to exchange...
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    Novice - can anyone help?

    Hi, I am new to the dash. I've been trying 2 days to buy or mine some, but I was not successful. Can anyone help me with it or trade some dash for bitcoin? If there is anyone, I will write further details of what didn't work etc. Thanks for answer.
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    Pomoc s tězbou a nákupem dash coinu - nováček

    Zdravím, jsem co se dashe týče nováček a chtěl bych se zeptat jestli by někdo nedoporučil mining pool kde by se dal dash těžit. Zkoušel jsem jich několik, ale vždycky se mi stala ta samá chyba, že mining pool nevypisoval hashrate workera. Používám ccminer s gtx 560ti, mám hashrate kolem 100...