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  1. darkmonk

    Android Wallet

    I was starting to look at coding a darkcoin wallet ... and here it is - without bugs! No darksend feature that I can see though.
  2. darkmonk

    List of future development ideas

    I believe one of the key things that will promote mainstream adoption are secure wallets for the competing phone OS's. To this end ... DarkZ, I have some experience coding for Android. Would you be willing to help me with the front end design while I hack away at the back end code for an Android...
  3. darkmonk

    Development Update - Oct 1, 2014

    The argument about the barriers of entry to mining vs. mastercoin doesn't have much to do with the development of Darkcoin itself. Can we be done derailing the thread with inflammatory statements about bitcointalk and a discussion about mining rigs vs. masternode rigs?