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    How to solo mine Dash?

    Hi Guys, We have around 500GH/s of mining power and want to try our luck at our pool, I have managed to setup a p2pool but want to try our own pool, I have tried MPOS and UNOMP but I don't have enough linux skills to sort, is there anyone that can help. I am happy to pay for your time. I will...
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    P2Pool Setup help

    Thank you guys....I am on the list
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    P2Pool Setup help

    Hi, I have checked all the above,, been up 10 days now. I created the relevant directories as they were not present. I have some of my machines mining on it and am earning, I would however like to get a few more people in South Africa up and running. I am reasonably new to...
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    P2Pool Setup help

    HI Guys, I am having a problem with the /p2pool-dash/data/dash/addr file. It was created when I set up my Pool, my pool is working and mining fine, it just doesn't come up on the list. Can someone help me with the file, I am not sure of the layout of the file. Thanks Gui