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    Dash Marketing Association & Dash Ambassadors

    Unfortunately I don't want to use my DC account to post this as a lot of people think very highly of Amanda (myself included) and some of those people would get out the pitchforks against anyone being seen to question her. That said, I have a lot of concerns about the 'Dash Marketing...
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    ShapeShift Introduces Identification Requirements, Highlights Need for DEXs and Dash

    The government have stepped in here. I'd recommend anyone that values their privacy to stay away from ShapeShift registration, it's likely their privacy has been compromised heavily. Check Erik's twitter.
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    Core Team Taxes (Part 2 of 3: September)

    I completely agree, though there are other jurisdictions that are lower / zero-tax rate that may offer more benefits. However I'd also state all of this tax planning should have been done well in advance of these proposals coming forward - it should have been factored into the individual...
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    New Dash miner in the market: Spondoolies SPx36 - 540 GH/s

    Spondoolies have plenty of experience in this sector, though I, like many had thought they had disappeared. It's fantastic return and I look forward to Bitmain / Antpool hopefully losing some dominance.