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    Sub-dao, voter delegation, or lowering the proposal fee. Best scaling options?

    I think it makes sense to have some guidelines for proposal owners. It could just be a standard webform with preset sections and Q&As and each one that is filled adds to a score. The more complete the information is that is provided the higher the overall score would be. The proposer doesn't get...
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    Sub-dao, voter delegation, or lowering the proposal fee. Best scaling options?

    It is probably true that the number of proposals is kept low by the current high fee, but using a high fee on its own to filter proposals is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, it works but has some obvious consequences. Maintaining a high fee: does not guarantee the quality of a...
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    Welcome Bradley Zastrow - Director of Global Business Development

    Hi @Bradley Zastrow You have joined an amazing team and an awesome community. The potential for Dash is absolutely HUGE, it cannot be overestimated (not to put any weight on your shoulders!). Congratulations and welcome aboard!
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    Time to lower PrivateSend fee, pretty please -- it's up to ~$6 USD!

    While I think the idea behind mixing is clever and cool, the short comings of how PrivateSend works overall are glaringly obvioius. Below is a list of things (there may be more) I can think of that makes PrivateSend an unviable solution for most people to use and is probably the biggest reason...
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    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    Hi, Please ignore the resident troll :P - I think this is a great idea and shows them how to use the wallet features instead of just receiving the Dash. Well done!
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    An Open Letter From Evan and Ryan Regarding Dash Marketing

    When I see someone like Amanda B Johnson posting in the subreddit about how stressed she is I see that as a problem. For me, Amanda is a major part of the core team and if people believe she isn't being supported then it's not a healthy sign as she has been instrumental in both the uptake in the...
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    Proposal: Facebook Ads for Dash Tutorials

    I will vote yes for this proposal on the condition that the recent video stating not to encypt a wallet is removed and re-uploaded advising people to encrypt their wallets, as explicitly stated by the Dash Core Team's Ryan Taylor made in comments on the video. This isn't just made up advice by...
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    Pre-Proposal Discussion: Dash to fund Tezos

    Honestly, I looked at the website and I don't really get what Tezos actually is, someone ELI5. If I don't understand it and it can't be explained clearly in laymen terms then a.) it's too complicated for the average Joe and b.) I can't make an informed decision on if it's needed - which is why I...
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    Recommended way to run qt wallet through TOR on Windows

    Hi Guys, I would like to know what the recommended way of running the full qt wallet on a Windows OS through TOR is. I have tried two methods so far (with the latest TOR Browser running in the background): First, I changed the settings in the wallet (under Settings/Network) to: Proxy IP...