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    Sido & Savas - HODLN

    Dash kommt auch vor ;) Kool Savas wäre doch ein guter Markenbotschafter für Dash in Deutschland....
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    Mysterium VPN powered by Blockchain

    That sound like a good idea. It tries to combine the principle of the Tor network with a commercial VPN provider. The people/companies which provide nodes get paid for doing so. https://mysterium.network/
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    iOS app: we need it now!!

    @tungfa So there still is a DASH breadwallet, right? So why not again try to get the breadwallet into the AppleAppstore? It was only that the DASHCore wallet was rejected... And Jaxx is allowed to support DASH on IOS. So maybe a basic wallet based on breadwallet is not beeing rejected? What...
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    Electrum DASH LINUX client

    Fantastic! Thanks guys! I will check it out!
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    iOS app: we need it now!!

    Oh ok, that is very unfortunate. I am not sure, if my next phone will be from Apple again... So what is wrong with breadwallet? The Bitcoin version works fine?! Thanks! Please keep us in the loop regarding DASH iOS app....
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    Electrum DASH LINUX client

    Any news on the new version of the Electrum Dash Linux client? When will it be released? I need it urgently! Thanks!
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    iOS app: we need it now!!

    Hey guys, What is the status of the iOS app? As Dash is now integrated in the JAXX iOS app, it is safe to assume, that Apple will not reject a DASH wallet if you guys submit one. There was a Dash wallet based on breadwallet. Is it still available? Will it be submitted to Apple app store...
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    Social Network with End-To-End-Encryption

    Whispeer: https://whispeer.de/en/ Ok, they have to work on their design a bit, but I like the idea of having a "Facebook with E2EE". Check it out.
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    Probably The Most Secure Linux Based OS Ever

    Check out SubgraphOS. It is still in Alpha, but it is said to be very secure AND easy to use :-) https://motherboard.vice.com/read/subgraph-os-wants-to-make-using-a-secure-operating-system-less-of-a-headache
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    Encrypted Messaging App Telegram Hits 100m Monthly Active Users, 350k New Users Each Day

    Remember: normal Telegram chats are NOT encrypted. Your messages are being stored in plaintext on telegram servers. Only the Secret Chats are End-to-End-Encrypted. https://twitter.com/moxie/status/678219238394298372 If you want End-to-End-Encryption by default try Threema, Wickr or Signal...
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    Anonymous Searching ? Bye Bye Google ; )

    try http://www.startpage.com . best search results!
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    Wire is great! Everybody should try it! No Skype anymore.
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    Support Dash on protonmail

    Would be fantastic if Protonmail would accept DASH. Please also approach them directly! Of course we then all have to buy a Premium account with protonmail ;)
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    Is there an iOS Decentralised Wallet?

    General remark about the IOS app: Please do not do anything that might piss off Apple (like publishing it on Cydia) If we want to get DASH to be used as digital cash by everyone, we need to have the app in the official Apple appstore. There will not be a mass adoption of DASH without the app in...
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    Dash Cryptocat Channel

    InTheWoods As cryptocat has shut down, why not use Wickr instead? It is better suited for group chat than Cryptocat, as messages live up to 6 days and not all group members need no be online at the time of writing. It is like a Telegram channel but highly encrypted. And Wickr supports...
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    Dash interest payments & a Dash Visa/Mastercard ATM debit card

    I am new to Dash - so hi! This debit card with interest payments is a fantastic idea! Is there a general way/service for non-technical people where they can earn interest on their DASH? (without running their own masternode) I mean let us think of a service where people just can transfer their...