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    Dash launchpad: Russian-speaking community's engagement, awareness and expansion

    I have successfully organized the flow of news and building up the amount of relevant information into the Russian-speaking field. This is the basis for everything, which also allows you to get new users in the long term with relatively small investments. The power of DAO in the community You...

    Dash launchpad: Russian-speaking community's engagement, awareness and expansion

    A new proposal has been created, please vote https://www.dashcentral.org/p/Ru-speaking-Community-2024Q1 What have I done? The first thing to say is that it wasn't exactly planned originally, but thanks to Dash Italia, I remembered it and put it to work. In October 2023, I got access to...

    Хардфорк блокчейна Dash v20 произошел успешно 🥳

    Хардфорк блокчейна Dash v20 произошел успешно на блоке 1,987,776 14 Декабря в 21:21 по МСК ➡️ Читать статью на ForkLog

    Dash wallet on iOS won’t sync

    Hi, try testflight version https://testflight.apple.com/join/9P7Kg96v

    DASH Key Proof Day January 19, 2024 (День доказательства ключей)

    I fully support this preproposal and believe it's time for us to get involved in the development and promotion of Dash ourselves. Let's together make Dash great again 💥 📌 One of the unique and very valuable features of any DAO, including the Dash DAO, is that management is decentralized and...

    🔗 Хардфорк Dash: Новый Шаг к Будущему

    Сеть Dash готовится к хардфорку, который привнесет значимые нововведения и изменения. ➡️ Читать статью на ForkLog

    DASH CoinJoin (Mixing) Guide and Best Practices

    Hi, I understand these 2 parameters have been added to the GUI (-coinjoindenomsgoal -coinjoindenomshardcap), are there any cases about their optimal use, and cases where this is directly needed? Thanks PS: Also, they always warn you not to use much inputs when sending mixed coins. Is there...

    ⚡️ Dash x Maya Protocol

    Пару месяцев назад Dash был добавлен в Maya Protocol - дружественный форк THORChain, AMM и DEX. И пора бы уже, немного пролить свет на позитивные новости и достижения связанные с этой интеграцией, подробнее в статье. Damn... пул Dash генерирует равный доход с пулом Bitcoin?! ➡️ Читать статью...

    Attention! GreenyJoe. Musician, trader, blogger and leader!

    Yeah, I agree, great guy. I learned about Dash from him myself)
  10. VONCAN

    DashCore v20 — новый релиз уже в основной сети

    Dash Core v20.0 официально вышел 🔥 ➡️ Читать подробнее / Скачать / Заметки к релизу Русскоговорящее коммьюнити Dash - экосистема в телеграмме, сообщество в вк.
  11. VONCAN

    History of blockreward allocation

    That would be cool, and I think it would be helpful to see a more complete history in Dash Docs. But my research so far isn't quite complete, I couldn't figure out why the evan plan wasn't fully implemented after the Dash DAO was created. No one really remembers it much anymore, and somehow I...
  12. VONCAN

    History of blockreward allocation

    18 January 2014 - Dash's birthday It all started in the distant 2014 quite usual - like most other coins at the time, in Dash it was the miners who received all the reward for mining a block, but even then, the founder of the project - Evan Duffield thought about the future and made global...
  13. VONCAN

    Dash launchpad: Russian-speaking community's engagement, awareness and expansion

    The first thing I want to say is that the first priority is to create content and restore media awareness of the Russian-speaking community, at the moment I do not plan to conduct global marketing campaigns. I can't give you a list of metrics at the moment, I will have to decide on a set of...
  14. VONCAN

    Dash launchpad: Russian-speaking community's engagement, awareness and expansion

    Proposal on DashCentral Current situation / 269 Yes / 0 No / 0 Abstain My proposal needs additional 75 Yes votes to become funded. Please vote https://www.dashcentral.org/p/Ru-speaking-Community Getting Started The launch of the platform is just around the corner, and although it is still...
  15. VONCAN

    Использование транзакции CoinJoin с 10 и более входами

    Если вы смешивали в 16 раундов, то кол-во входов не столь критично. А так, либо необходимо перейти в настройки Dash Core - Wallet - Coin Control и при отправке через кнопку Inputs самостоятельно выбрать самые большие входы чтобы уменьшить их количество Либо выбрать маленькие входы, отправить...
  16. VONCAN

    CoinJoin | Приватный режим - ON

    С первых дней, значительная часть пользователей Dash была заинтересована в конфиденциальности, ведь они понимали: золото 21 века это информация. CoinJoin в Dash, ранее известный как PrivateSend, был интегрирован 20 февраля 2014 г. и представляет собой опциональную функцию, позволяющую...