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  1. kensa2306

    CoinImp - Monero Javascript Web Miner

    Hosting provider with over one million users worldwide would like to announce a new chapter: We have opened CoinImp - CoinImp is the new effective JavaScript miner that can be easily embedded in your website. It's an excellent alternative to annoying ads. This way users will pay you with their...
  2. kensa2306

    Alternative to Kraken

    Can anyone explain me about lenght chars or wallets? Unfortunately I haven't find ANY $#$%!@ site that accepts my current Monero wallet, maybe I'm doing something wrong? can someone refer me to a tutorial? thanks in advance.
  3. kensa2306

    Como minar desde el movil android

    ¿Esto va solo para pools? Soy nuevo en este tema y no entiendo mucho la verdad, además, ¿que si deseo minar una moneda personalizada y no listada?
  4. kensa2306

    Mining Hardware and Guides

    Would you please suggest what would be the best hardware to Monero local mining? I don't have a decent website with a big amount of views but I feel investing in hardware can turn to be a profitable long-term possibility. tyvm for any answer