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  1. SenseiNoobie

    Mining Pools

    +1 http://lotterymining.com/drk/ ;)
  2. SenseiNoobie

    What other altcoins are DRKcoiners into?

    I tried Doge for a while and now I am only mining DRK... just started mining a week ago..
  3. SenseiNoobie

    SGMiner using to much CPU cores

    I also don't have any problems with cpu usage... my 3gpu set up only uses 5 - 10 %
  4. SenseiNoobie

    Hashing Speeds

    Rux, I use SPH-SGMINER ... and here is the link from where I got the miner... https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=475795.0;all :)
  5. SenseiNoobie

    Hashing Speeds

    GPU MINING Graphics card: X3 r9 280x Toxic Mining Software: PHM-Sgminer Hash Speed: 2.3 Mhash/s per GPU A newbie to mining...
  6. SenseiNoobie

    100 DRK giveaway!

    XfvycKe6iCAjRYxsENHpRKX93QJXpgkyd1 Thank You... Bookmarked the site...