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  1. CoinVersus

    CoinVersus Dash Mining Pool(p2pool)

    Hello Everyone! CoinVersus Mining Pool just reached 1TH Power! Thank You for mining with us! Feel free to invite your friends to join our friendly community! Dash Mining Pool Lets mine Dash together Fee: 0.5% DDOS protected Mining Pool Servers Located in EU...
  2. CoinVersus

    P2Pool CoinVersus Free 0% Fee High Quality Pool

    Hello Everyone, Today we just launched dash Mining P2pool, lets mine dash together! CoinVersus Project has much more to offer! Main Website: http://www.coinversus.com http://dashpool.coinversus.com:7903/static/ Information URL: dashpool.coinversus.com:7903 Username: Your Dash Address...
  3. CoinVersus

    Contacted by FBI

    Crazy, Thank You!
  4. CoinVersus

    CEX is a SCAM

    I dont think they can do something about it