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  1. CaptainDuffy

    Dash Core Group Developer, Codablock, Explains Quorums Role Within Dash

    Very informative, I can't wait to hear more about how quorums will be developed.
  2. CaptainDuffy

    Dash is Experiencing Rapid Adoption and Use in Colombia

    Very excited to see this adoption progress!
  3. CaptainDuffy

    How to sustainably grow Dash´s Ecosystem? - Dash Infrastructure Program

    I like it, sounds like it could be part of a greater Dash Ventures strategy to identify all the key players and invest significant stakes in them. I think it would make the most sense when the Dash price recovers into the thousands again.
  4. CaptainDuffy

    Place Dash's flag on the top of the world - EVEREST

    Nice enthusiasm, doubt it will be worth the money for Dash.
  5. CaptainDuffy

    Rate the Forum rules

    I find nothing wrong with the rules as presented here, or as applied.
  6. CaptainDuffy

    Even If It Fails, Dash Could Have a Lasting Impact on Crypto Adoption (CoinDesk)

    Nice one, I can't believe we finally made Coindesk!