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  1. Kai

    [prepoposal] Dash Debit Card ready by Mid-April

    I don't want to rain on your parade, but I want you to clarify something. Did you ask us money for Dash integration, and doing ETH integration for free ? o_O
  2. Kai

    Decrease the master node limit from 1000 dash to 200 dash

    See https://www.dash.org/binaries/evo/DashPaper-v13-v1.pdf page 23
  3. Kai

    X11 ASIC Baikal Mini Miner Spec

    asicminermarket .com is a big no no for me too. I ordered two Dr2 from them and a day later the order disapeared. No answers to my emails, fortunately I had not yet made the wire transfer.
  4. Kai

    Reddit User Claims Darkcoin has vulnerabilities

    Not fixing, checking. "fixing" imply that the guy is right and we don't know that yet.
  5. Kai

    v0.10.16 - Onyx v2

    Can somebody update the forum notice : "MN Enforcement was a success! Latest version 10.15.21 is available."
  6. Kai

    v0.10.15.x Testing

    An animal with a great night vision : the owl, and we have then a long list of names for future versions http://www.owlpages.com/owls.php?genus=all ^^
  7. Kai

    Development Update - Oct 1, 2014

    eduffield How about keep the MN reward at 20% and on top of that share x% of the transactions' fees between all the up-and-running masternodes (because at one point, post beta, almost all transactions will go through them). Better incentive IMO and with the future Masternode Security it will...
  8. Kai

    BTC working on Privacy ?...>>

    Darkcoin is way ahead of many (all?) coins in term of technology, what we lack now : a way to convert easily FIAT to DRK and darkcoin-exclusive services to increase the demand. I hope that the open sourcing will make them flourish.
  9. Kai

    BTC working on Privacy ?...>>

    Just him not BTC, unless he is a Bitcoin core developer (no).
  10. Kai

    Newest member

    Welcome ! :wink:
  11. Kai

    https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darkcoin was deleted

    Des petits "éditeurs" frustrés qui ne se sentent plus dès lors qu'ils ont un pouvoir décisionnaire. They want to put Darkcoin in an article about the cryptocurrencies and only there, because their strange definition of an encyclopedia compel them to regroup. Meanwhile, for example, Nod32 and...
  12. Kai

    New Darkcoin.io Webpage .. Suggestions/ Issues ...>>

    A secure coin using a non secure protocol for its own website : no... :wink:
  13. Kai

    New Darkcoin.io Webpage .. Suggestions/ Issues ...>>

    I would suggest something else than the "D" (and less pixelated) to illustrate the "Mandatory Update to RC5" something more like this :
  14. Kai


    FIAT -> DRK -> FIAT is the future :wink:
  15. Kai

    New Darkcoin.io Webpage .. Suggestions/ Issues ...>>

    An animation like that one with a good voiceover could be good to explain what is Darkcoin and how Darksend works.
  16. Kai

    New Darkcoin.io Webpage .. Suggestions/ Issues ...>>

    Concerning the old .html pages, I think that the highest priority is to redirect the links that are still on the OP of the ANN thread. like : https://www.darkcoin.io/downloads/InstantTX.pdf http://www.darkcoin.io/downloads/DarkcoinWhitepaper.pdf...
  17. Kai

    New Darkcoin.io Webpage .. Suggestions/ Issues ...>>

    Works for me now.
  18. Kai

    New Darkcoin.io Webpage .. Suggestions/ Issues ...>>

    I figured out why the https homepage's style is broken, it uses non secure url for the css files (http instead of https), therefore the content of those files are blocked by the browsers. e.g. : <link href="http://www.darkcoin.io/wp-content/themes/Sterling/style.css" rel="stylesheet"...