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  1. Santiago Lobos

    Welcome Ernesto Contreras - Regional Manager Latin America (LATAM)

    Bienvenido @ErnestoContrerasLatAm , saludos desde Argentina. Esperamos pronto iniciar contacto contigo.
  2. Santiago Lobos

    Únete al Foro Dash Latinoamericano

    Excelente iniciativa, mis felicitaciones a ambos y desde ya que participaré. Saludos Santiago Lobos
  3. Santiago Lobos

    First Dash-friendly pilot city - Argentina

    Dear @nrpetty Our prime goal is to get a DASH firendly city, in particular the city population of Rio Tercero allow us to cover all their needs in a prudent time frame. That way we plan to work totally in person, visitng stores, companies, having meetings with entrepreneurs event visiting...
  4. Santiago Lobos

    First Dash-friendly pilot city - Argentina

    Dear @DavidHay Thanks for your support, always is good to know that our proposal is fully understood. DASH has all the elements to become into an alternative payment here in Argentina, even more with DASH Evolution thinking about the increasing transaction volume per second, the hard work in UI...